Christabel from life


It seems like I always end up at Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School by myself, but now that I have been there a few times I am beginning to recognize the regulars and the MC Brett Despotovitch always says hi and makes me feel welcome. Since I have never been to art school this is the only “life drawing class” I have had the opportunity to attend regularly, and so I am happy to indulge in the subject at hand and let the social part of the process take its natural course.

I especially love the models. It may come as no surprise that I like to draw pretty girls. This weeks model was something else altogether – after meeting Christabel in full regalia at the Anti-Art Show I was so impressed to see his total commitment to dressing up, I knew I had to sketch at his (its?) session. Not a conventionally pretty girl, Christabel stretched the limits of my abilities. At first I found it difficult – the first outfit was an inflatable that bore no resemblance to a human body, and the second outfit was abundantly hairy and fringed. But once I let myself break free from drawing literally, I allowed my pencil to draw more expansively, and it became a lot more fun. My favourite outfit at the end was a pleasure to draw – high contrast black and white with a great silhouette, I busted out the soft pencil and really went for it.

I love life drawing!

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