Dr Sketchy’s – Chantal de Bisous

Chantal de Bisous

I went to Dr. Sketchy’s solo again. (Last time it was for the one and only Lena Love.) This time the model was figure skater and burlesque girl Chantal de Bisous. Here is a few of my favourite sketches from the night.

Chantal de Bisous is a beautiful model with a gorgeous body, and really shapely legs. She showed a lot of variety and did a lot of physically challenging poses with impressive strength and poise. Especially unusual and fun were her figure skating leg positions, it is not often that a model will bend her knees on a standing pose.

Chantal de Bisous

When I was a kid I thought I wanted to be a figure skater until I realized it was hard physical work. I really just like drawing pretty girls in interesting outfits.

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2 thoughts on “Dr Sketchy’s – Chantal de Bisous”

  1. nice job. You’re usual style is very fashion illustration – long legs, arms, wonderfully waify etc… but here the girls have some thighs and I am loving it.

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