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CBC Newsworld’s new show Fortune Hunters is a quick and light take on entrepreneurship in Canada. Two of the recent shows caught my eye.

The second episode “The Web” features Ali and Alex de Bold of Chick Advisor. Ali has attended a couple TFBBs and even invited the local fashion bloggers to the Chick Advisor Shop Crawls. (Catch a glimpse of our fashion hero Sonja at 8:50!) Watching this show was an interesting peek at the life behind her site.

It seems like being a dot-com entrepreneur is vastly different from merely fashion blogging despite the content crossovers. The world of investors and advertising and affiliate programs is not part of my internet experience and therefore I do not understand it very well.

Since 2005 we have seen Julie from Almost Girl build and sell Coutorture and now she is living her dream to be an online fashion editor, and on her own terms. It seems like this path holds a lot of possibility for the passionate and determined. The expert panel expressed a lot of confidence in Ali and Alex and I wish them all the success they are striving for.

The third episode “Fast Fashion” has a few amusing moments and one really interesting segment.

The featured entrepreneurs are bringing a fast fashion diffusion of Escada to Toronto. “There really is no competition, especially here in Toronto, because ladies here don’t know how to dress.” (5:10)

Rita Silvan and Shawn Hewson quell my Project Runway Canada withdrawal with their improvised fashion punditry. (9:30)

The best segment is a profile of the founder of Le Chateau at the end of the episode. (16:48) Mr. Herschel Segal is successful, experienced and charming. I had the pleasure to meet him very briefly once. I found it interesting to watch him tell his own story.

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One thought on “fashion fortune hunters”

  1. Hey Danielle, thanks for the mention!

    We have really appreciated the support of the local fashion bloggers such as yourself and hope we can continue to find ways to help each other out. I love the blogger brunches – I think they’re brilliant! I hope to be able to join you at a few this year, especially once I’m done school and have a little less on my plate.

    Have a great weekend!

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