Illustrating Fashion 1968

For the past five or so years as I have worked my way through the fashion section at my university library, I have only given a cursory glance to the old illustration texts with their dull schoolish covers, but this week I took a second longer look, and could not take my eyes away.

Besides being a wonderfully practical text Illustrating Fashion gives a better sense of how to understand the elements of a good fashion illustration, and makes a point to explain confidence, practice, gesture, and all of those intangible things that great fashion illustrators possess.

Illustrating Fashion by Eunice Moore Sloan 1968

Featuring many of the 20th century’s greatest working fashion illustrators. I especially enjoyed seeing a great variety of work from Rene Bouche, Antonio and Kenneth Paul Block among others.

Illustrating Fashion by Eunice Moore Sloan 1968

It has all the basic simplified human anatomy, gestures, working with a model, and many other useful guidance for practicing the craft.

In particular I am studying the sections on media; it discusses all the classics like ink and charcoal and mentions fancy new-fangled techniques with halftone paper.

Illustrating Fashion by Eunice Moore Sloan 1968

More and more as I am working on mastering the figure, I realize my next step is to develop an ability to create compositions and understand space, as well as master both action and interaction in one grouping as Antonio does here.

Exciting and inspiring!

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  1. “illustrating fashion” is a wonderful book! i remember coming across it in my school’s library, as well. the old school fashion illustrators were totally proficient with the fundamentals of drawing and painting and they coupled that knowledge with their own personal style to explore and celebrate the ways in which fashion was depicted. kudos to the keister kicking artists of the past!

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