project blogway – Nadia the Grey

grey wool
grey wool

Today I bought this fabric for Project Blogway. I am making a jacket for Nadia the Crafting Adventurer, and she requested grey wool; something that would be suitable for the cooler months in Vancouver. It is a felted woolen cool grey, soft and fine feeling. It has a handsome soft sheen when it drapes. Once I got it home I had some cognitive dissonance over it. I worry that it might be too lightweight.

On the other hand, I think it will look soft and interesting as a jacket, and not heavy. It has a very subtle nap.
Still, I can’t take it back.

I also have some heavier, dark charcoal wool with a similar texture and finish left from the coat I sewed for Ray. I am thinking of combining both together; for instance the grey could be the facings. Hmmm. This design will probably creep a bit but luckily that is allowed on Project Blogway right?

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2 thoughts on “project blogway – Nadia the Grey”

  1. Being from Vancouver, I can say that you should’t worry about it being too lightweight.
    it dosen’t really get cold. I never owned a winter jacket before moving here. Just spring jackets I would layer over a sweater for the winter.

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