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Nadia the Crafting Adventurer and I are doing up a cross-Canada design exchange to bring in the New Year. Originally we gave ourselves a month but as career girls we had to defer to reality and give ourselves the month of February too. She is doing up a lovely soft kimono sweater for me (out of a gorgeous wool/bamboo/silk blend) and I am to cut and sew a wool jacket for her. At the rate we are going, these lovely warm garments should be unseasonably ready by springtime.

You may have noticed a dearth of posts on my side recently. I am lucky enough to be on multiple deadlines on a regular basis these days – and last week I caught the local virus and it slowed me down. Times like these it takes a real effort to keep up the blog and all its related projects but not for lack of love. I miss this good stuff!

So back to Project Blogway.

Nadia wanted a wool coat that would be suitable for a Vancouver winter – she also wanted something fuller at the bottom to accommodate the wearing of full skirts and to complement her body type.

Ever since Crafting Nadia got a job and turned into a Corporate Nadia by day, she has been pursuing neutrals with as much passion as she extols the virtues of saturated colour. She has requested a cool grey colour.

So without further ado, my proposal.

Nadia jacket figure

This is an assymetrical zippered, bell-shaped jacket with hand-pockets, spiral-seamed narrow sleeves, and skewed, curving seams. It use a wool fabric and is “shaded” – that is featuring a slight sheen or nap. The pieces are cut, some with the nap facing up and some with the nap facing down, to produce slightly contrasting but subtle play on shade and texture. I have rendered it here rather unconvincingly by shaded and unshaded panels.

Nadia jacket flat

My blog friends Jill and Katy Renee thought that the Project Blogway was cool idea so they are doing their own exchange of some crafty bags. If you want to try it too feel free to post here and perhaps you may find a partner of your own.

Thanks to Nadia for coming up with the idea. Next post… the fabric. Yes I will show you how the nap thing will work.

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12 thoughts on “project blogway – sketch”

  1. The jacket looks awesome, the only thing I wonder is the neckline.

    If it runs like on the drawing the jacket will have an open neck on the left side. Wouldn’t that be somewhat hard to cover with a scarf?..

    Spiral-seamed sleeves look interesting and complicated.

    Good luck! It sounds like a fun challenge to do

  2. I. Am. Not. Worthy.

    I feel so simplistic with my rectilinear lines! Well, at least there’s interesting curvature within the structure of the stitches/fabric itself, right?

    I love that there are pockets. I forgot to ask, but now that I see them, I’m so glad! Oh! Can I request an inside pocket somewhere for my bus pass? Either a pocket in a pocket or a pocket in the front lining?

    Sunshine, I’m interested by the assymetrical scarf issue. In my head I’m already designing assymetrical scarves to knit. How about one that looks like a high Victorian collar, with buttons and button loops on the short end where it closes, that evolves from tight, neat stitches at the neck to a wandering, rambling garden path down the front of the jacket?

    I love the curves and the swooshes! The charcoal will keep the construction genius from getting buried in darkness (the way black would. I love the subtle playing with light and texture…

    … I love it all.

  3. Sunshine and Nadia – The neck is actually closed. It is not visible in the sketch; its too hard to explain so I will show it later.

    Nadia – how big is your bus pass?

  4. I don’t know how special I am but I will be your best cheerleader!!

    btw, did you get the messages I set you on facebook


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