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featuring 1 dozen brunchers


Carolyn Rohaly – Toronto Fashion Incubator

Melissa Shum – Just Cuz I’m a Girl

Patricia Sheng – Luxual

Henna Singh – Canadian Beauty

Susie Love – Jewelry Designer

Anita Clarke – I want – I got

Rebecca Leung – Photographer

Danielle Meder – Final Fashion

Gloria Chik – Urbane Bloc

Chris Tsang – Mindzai

Vanja Vasic – Toronto Alternative Fashion Week

Sonja Andic – Fashion Hero



topics du jour


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC – Feb 2-8

(Henna and I are going – are you?)


Tradeshows in Las Vegas – February

(Patricia and Melissa are going)


L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto – March 17 – 22

(Looking forward to it!)


Theme parties.

Faking it is fun.


Christabel is fun and exciting!

(Draw him at Dr. Sketchy’s tomorrow!)


Setting the tone for success.

On dressing, blogging, designing, drawing and walking with confidence and intent.

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5 thoughts on “tfbb 14”

  1. Hey Danielle!

    Just wanted to send you a big thank you for organizing it =) your awesome! Can’t wait to read all about you and Henna’s ny fashion week adventures.


  2. Well look at you Miss Organized!

    Bunch was so much fun. I’m really glad I came up and you were a terrific host.

    I want to hear all about NYFW.

    Fake parties forever!

  3. Apologies for my absence–life has been overwhelming as I am finishing my apps for grad school. Can’t wait for the next one!

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