Buy Design for Windfall

Buy Design for Windfall

In January I got invited by Andrew Sardone to be part of the fabulous background at a Studio 54-inspired photo shoot.

Did you know that fake partying with fashion people is even more fun that real partying? We all just revel in seeing and being seen and uttering insincere exclamations ironically or not. Makes me think we should all fake-party more often.

The shoot was to illustrate the website and invitations for the Buy Design for Windfall gala party. Check out the site and see if you can recognize any fashion bloggers among the bright young things.

I did a couple sketches while I was there too. I love drawing pretty people in interesting outfits. Sometimes friends indulge me!

philip, marlene and sarah nicole

Philip, Marlene, and Sarah Nicole

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8 thoughts on “Buy Design for Windfall”

  1. Hey there! I was attracted to your blog because of your experiences in fashion school and coincidentally it happened to be Ryerson, the school I’m thinking of applying to next year. Further coincidence is that we even have the same first name! Anyway, I’m still a high school junior, but considering a career in fashion design. Your sketches are lovely and I revel at your talent. I was wondering if you could provide me with any insight about anything or give me any advice firsthand that you would tell your high school junior self. Thanks!

  2. Hi Danielle C., thanks for the nice comment and for checking out the site.

    Advice for my high school junior self? Well I wasn’t really planning my career at that stage of my life, so maybe I would encourage the younger me to be more like Danielle C.

    To aspiring fashion students, I can only encourage them to be curious, to learn as much as they can about their chosen industry and themselves, to practice the skills they wish to develop.

    Sometimes I wish that someone would have told me to trust my instincts, and explained to me what taste was and why it was important. I am only figuring these things out now.

    I am sure my younger self wouldn’t have understood these things, even if someone had told me.

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