NYC update

Life is good and busy in New York City this week. There is lots to do and see. So far highlights for me are –

The Madame Gres Exhibit at the Museum at FIT. I am just in awe, it is incredible to observe the progression of a designer’s career presented with such care and gravitas. It is such a privilege to see the incredibly intricate works of art that Gres created herself.

A gorgeous presentation by Y & Kei at the New York Public Library. The runway was square, reflecting the shape of the atrium at the Library. An evocative soundtrack, knotted ponytails, silvery florals and structured wool jackets left a definite impression on me.


…adorable fall knits by Twinkle

…grids of Swarovski crystals at Jeremy Laing

dancing with the hipsters in a haze of cigarette smoke at the Alexander Wang after party…

…rich Russian fashions marching by at Terexov

…inexplicable bath-mat vests over pretty dresses at Iodice

waiting in an endless line of impatient people at Ports 1961… only to be turned away at the door… the combination of a guestlist too long and a damp crabby evening

… a great conversation with Jill of This Is My Lab

breakfast at BalthazarElaine’s cheesecakeJoe’s pizzaMurray’s bagelsDirty Bird roast chicken delivery…

… enjoyed observing a few Canadian fashion industry notables attending the tents for Cynthia Steffe… the clothes were just okay…

… exchanging a smile with Agyness Deyn and Coco Rocha behind the tent today!

There is still 2 more days full of stuff to do. Forgive the lack of sketchbookery, as soon as I come back to my scanner in Toronto I have a ton of material to work my way through.

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7 thoughts on “NYC update”

  1. Sounds amazing! New York is a great place, and your so lucky to have access to this years fashion week!
    I loved Alexander Terexov’s site. Thanks for introducing me to him! I must now be on the look out – those russian models and their darn cheekbones – he look gorgeous like a model himself.

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful time in New York and hope your blogger’s brunch turns out to be a great experience!


  2. So great to read about your adventures 🙂 If you run into Anna Wintour on your NY rounds, please pass on a question from me….what she was thinking when she suggested that Pres. hopeful Clinton should add a t-shirt covered in feathers and a bright pink halter prom dress to her wardrobe? (No one is going to vote for someone in an outfit like that!!!) Does Vogue not support the idea of having a woman president or what? And why does she get all sulky in the article dissing on Hillary cuz she doesn’t want to be in a Vogue shoot? Anna sounds so petty 🙁

    You and the other bloggers are the way of the future. You and your blogger buddies have your feet on the ground enough to know when things are starting to look ridiculous. More power to ya…the future is in your hands!

  3. Thanks Olya and Sarah, I’m glad you appreciate my limited postings this week =)

    Sarah, Anna Wintour and I hardly run in the same rounds! I must have missed that issue of Vogue.

    We are all the EIC of how we see the world. Ms Wintour and you and I all share the power to edit our view of the world and recommend clothing for Clinton at our own discretion. Ms. Clinton is free to ignore it all.

    As for bloggers being the way of the future… that could stand on its own as a long post… and I don’t think I quite agree with you.

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