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Julie Fredrickson of Almost Girl and Coutorture is hosting something called Blog Talk Radio, covering subjects of interest to fashion bloggers. Today at 4pm EST the show is about interacting with our fashion blogging peers – apropos as I have just come back to the studio from the fifteenth Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch.

We tackle the tough topics including anonymous commenting, blog friendships, blogger gossip, blogger blacklisting, blogger etiquette, and keeping your cool in the middle of a blogger fight. We will explore the line between professional, personal, collegial and “I will scratch your back if you scratch mine” relationships

Julie always provides me with lots to think about when it comes to fashion and media, whether I agree with her or not, so I am looking forward to listening to the show.

EDIT – 4:11pm EST – I’m getting some kind of unknown error message so I can’t seem to get the show to work.  I guess I’ll have to listen to it later instead of live.

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