here I am on a Korean street style site

me in NYC, Feb 4 2008

This was taken while I was in New York City, I think on February 4. I am at 7th Avenue and 27th, right outside FIT. It was taken by a Korean girl, and we exchanged cards – she just sent me the link, there’s a few more pictures there.

I think I look OK – this is the way I usually look – but my hair is looking pretty scruffy – I wasn’t able to find time to cut it before fashion week in New York. Now fashion week is coming up in Toronto, and once again I haven’t found the time to cut my hair. Why does it always happen this way? It always seems like I spend so much time in the studio by myself, I always forget to schedule haircuts until its too late. So I am terminally scruffy.

Fashion week in Toronto gets me out among the better-groomed yet again. I guess I’ll wear a ponytail or a hat.

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5 thoughts on “here I am on a Korean street style site”

  1. Hi Danielle! I haven’t commented in ages, I know. I’m looking forward to Rags n Mags. You look really beautiful in these pics, not scruffy! (I think that was my main point here). I just have to attempt to meet up with you next time you’re in NYC, since you helped me so much as a beginning fashion blogger (how long ago was that?!) — keep up the great posts!

  2. don’t forget about the magic-bobby-pin loose french twist hairdoos that somehow look best on unwashed overly grown out hair! nothing is more i-don’t-care-glamourpuss.
    make the most of this pre-haircut time. and it’s the fastest,esiest thing ever to do.

  3. Diane – that’s a great idea! I’ll stick in some bobby pins.

    Style Bard – I thought you had left fashion blogging – glad to see you back! I’d love to meet up next time I’m in NYC.

  4. Hahaha nope, I’ve never left, I’m far too stubborn. I just go on random lagging jags. Right now I’m putting some elbow grease into the two sites and trying to get them up to snuff. =)

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