motor oil by Prada

motor oil Prada, originally uploaded by Marc Johns.

Surfing along, I discovered illustrator Marc Johns though Sarah L.

He does a lot of brief, serious drawings. A series done on post-it notes is particularly charming, but this is the one that made me laugh out loud.

I imagined a Prada gas station. A place where the price of gas that day is not listed on the sign. Where the attendants are dressed all chic and won’t help you. Or maybe they are robots.

I bet that is where this lady fills up.

Maybe it would look something like Prada Marfa. But with pumps. Maybe the pumps are shaped like pumps! Or not.

Prada Marfa by Chacal la Chaise
Photo by Chacal la Chaise

Maybe if Prada sold gasoline, drivers would be bragging about paying top dollar for gas.

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5 thoughts on “motor oil by Prada”

  1. haha a prada gas station! how funny! i think male drivers wouldn’t care, but female drivers…the gas station would soon be featured in vogue!

  2. My boyfriend showed me that same artist on flickr last night.
    They are really funny.
    And I also loved his designer got wild series.

  3. Hi,
    i was checking back in with “olde fashion” via Hint magazine and looking for Prada Paris “do” and came onto this delightful irony.
    Final fashion as in fast flatlines is all good . The Sustainable Fashion Centre opened this last Oct. in London and a few of us gathered to reclaim the best of what is now fashion and how to design and repurpose, reclaim in this transitional period tween sane industries and the mad hatters running amuck as i write. Kudos and please check out the fashionRIP project. deborah

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