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Of all the fashion magazines based in Toronto, FASHION has really made the effort to establish a presence on to the internet this year. Not too long ago they launched a pretty impressive Myspace profile, linking up to stories on their website as well as directly to Canadian designer’s profiles. From their blog –

MySpace Fashion is the new black?

Perhaps. But we are definitely your source for exclusives from the best Canadian designers, magazines, stylists, models, shops, photographers, insider information from the industry’s best and your ticket to go behind-the-scenes at the best events and parties.

It is always a joy to see a such generous coverage of independent talent from a Canadian fashion magazine. Even if Myspace has not been the new black since 2006.

FASHION Reporter Search

Now FASHION is looking to add to their roster of bloggers with a contest that smells like crowdsourcing.

FASHION MAGAZINE is looking for 10 fashion bloggers across Canada. We want to hear about the fashion finds in your city or town, and share them with our readers. Winners of this exciting contest will become key players on our web site, reporting on the latest shopping scoop in their cities.

So the deal is, contestants submit their blog. 20 finalists are chosen, and FASHION’s readers get to vote for their favourites – ten finalists win a chance to blog about the shopping scene in their city on FASHION’s website. Ah, the fabulous life of a “pro” blogger. Is that all? No, the ten finalists also win a phone with 100 minutes from Virgin. And? The chance to win a trip to New York City.

Since writing shopping posts is not my thing I won’t be entering… but you can bet I will be watching, reading, and voting.

Sounds sort of like an internship right? You get bragging rights… and exposure? Perhaps.

If you are thinking of entering, here is a little tip, fashion blogger to fashion blogger. You better read the fine print.

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4 thoughts on “FASHION on the internet”

  1. Wow. You can bet your arse I WON’T be entering. It’s like an internship without any of the benefits. You won’t really get to make any contacts since it will all be online, you won’t get assignments, but you’ll be giving up all your sources, you’ll have to blog for them for a YEAR (most internships last about 3 months), and for what? A crappy phone with 100 minutes and POSSIBLE exposure?

    I’m pretty disgusted. Do your own damn research, FASHION.

  2. As a blogger, I am completely insulted by this contest. They want free content. The writers get “bragging rights”, maybe a phone with a few minutes, and the CHANCE to win a New York trip? I hope nobody enters.

  3. You girls pretty much summed up my immediate reaction to the contest as well. But there might be people out there who think its a great prize – perhaps non-bloggers? I can’t wait to see the profiles of the finalists!

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