[FAT] redux

Toronto Alternative Fashion Week was intense and fascinating. Each night had a different theme and a vastly different vibe.

Daryl Banks took some terrific photos of the events and let me use a few of my favourites. See more pictures here.

The first night “Transitory Space” was kind of giddy.

Amie Scott gave us punny, punchy dresses that had the audience in stitches. Amie loved the laughter!

Naughty magpies strutted for Kirsty McKenzie, and there was some front row shenanigans going on too.

The models were gorgeous – all different and full of personality and easy vivacity – those girls you do double takes at when you see them on the streetcar. Girls like these ones.


The second night, “Urban Experiment” was super fun.

Babu et Moi (photo above left) brought rave to the runway and the audience to its feet – at the end everyone busted a move together.

Hipster peacocks strutted out of the pages of NOW Magazine.

Fellow Ryerson 06’er Rachel McGillivray showed an upbeat collection of kicky shorts and cropped jackets. Since I have not seen her since graduation, it was neat to see her grinning ear to ear when she took her bow.

The Deadly Nightshades movie was cute as hell and full of optimism and Jägermeister. Politics aside (thinking gives you wrinkles), the Nightshades bring something to fashion that is new and entertaining and I look forward to seeing where they pop up next.

Heidi Ackerman (photo below) took home the Beefeater award for a collection with a distinct point of view, full of designs that were desireable and somehow both rustic and luxurious at the same time.


Krane (below right) showed hard edged menswear with lots of zips which the front row loved.

The last day, “Conflict” was darker and finished the week off with a peculiar discord. Visual artist Katharine Piro (below left) was possessed as a zombie bride for Magdelina. The makeup was outrageous, amazing.


I loved the event overall and was left with a lot of strong impressions. Cheers to everyone who participated!

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