FAT – Toronto Alternative Fashion Week

FAT sent me an elaborate invite/press kit thing… delivered by courier!

FAT invite
Not everyone shows at the “official” Fashion Week.  Seems like when fashion people in Toronto get spunky they start their own fashion week.  Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, going by the counter-intuitive acronym “FAT” has the reputation for showing the most indie upstarts in town.

FAT is in the distillery district this year.  I’ve never gone before, it looks like a lot of fun.  Lots of new people to meet and designers I don’t recognize.  There is also some friends with projects I am really looking forward to.

Thursday April 10 – The premiere of “A Night Out with the Nightshades” – a documentary about my favourite bicycle-riding fashion-student girl-gang.  NOW Magazine’s “My Style” showBabu et Moi – their pieces escaped easy definition on the hanger at Shopgirls, so I am expecting to see an interesting show.  DJ Daniel Wilson is spinning the fashion-friendly beats too.

Friday April 11 – Hot chick-rock with Satan’s Candy.

Plus a few designers are showing that I have met in person but have yet to see their work on the runway – I am hoping to catch shows by Amie Scott, Plastik Wrap, Paper People Clothing, and Snoflake.

FAT is open to the public – tickets are a reasonable $15 in advance – check the schedule here.

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