TFBB 16 – the last brunch

My idea of limiting seating for the last brunch was actually quite effective; every RSVP showed up, and there were no unexpected extras, making it a very manageable brunch. Roll call:

Danielle Meder – Final Fashion

Henna Singh – Canadian Beauty

Patricia Sheng – Luxual

Barry Freedman – fashion blog reader

Crystal Mason – TRENDS

Anita Clarke – I want – I got

Tiffanie Ing – Toronto Street Fashion

Zaigham Zulquernain – Week of Style

Topics of discussion ranged from New Labels anticipation, Project Runway Canada season 2 speculation, and whether Toronto really needs more hype.

It has been interesting to get some media attention and broader interest for TFBB; but recently it has been getting a bit challenging to manage. Some people come just to chat about fashion, and that is what we love, but sometimes it seems like people have other motivations for coming which aren’t so lovely. I guess it means that the brunch is popular, or perhaps by some measures successful. Popularity changes things, though. Now I find myself missing the days when the brunch was smaller and a bit off the radar, and the regular brunchers agree with me.

So I am killing TFBB.

Maybe not forever. It may be revived at some point. Someone else with better management skills might take over the organization of it someday. The brunch in its current incarnation is something I created, and so I can also destroy it.

Fashion bloggers will still get together in Toronto – we all have eachother’s email addresses and know how to use them. We have not lost our desire to meet new fashion bloggers and get to know our readers in person; and we will find new ways to do that.

It has been an incredible series of meals and introduced me to many new friends and opportunities. I want to thank everyone who has ever come to TFBB and who took part in a small phenomenon.

Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “TFBB 16 – the last brunch”

  1. oh no, I can barely ever make it but I love the idea of brunch! But it is true about it getting out of hand sometimes…Maybe I will try to organize a meal here and there when I’m available – I love getting together will allofya!

  2. It was good while it lasted, but it’s been crazy the past few times. I get so many people asking me about its demise, but most of them never even came to the brunch! It’s interesting that they follow its existence so closely anyway.

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