can’t stop clicking

That past week just flew by, and I forgot to blog! Is it obvious? Yet somehow I still managed to collect all these clicks.

Remember the FASHION magazine blogger search I posted about? They’ve sweetened the deal and are now offering $50 per approved post for one year (a minimum of 24 posts for $1200) for the top ten finalists. Check the Rules for details.

I would like to see some talented bloggers from smaller towns blog about living a fashionable life away from fashion cities. I hope it is not all about shopping. In a lot of small towns in Canada, the only good shopping is at Value Village or your parent’s closet. Fashion can happen anywhere, even Belleville Ontario.

I loved the Jay McCarroll documentary Eleven Minutes. It is the best fashion documentary since Unzipped – and for a lot of the same reasons. There are some pertinent lessons to be learned as well. I want to watch Unzipped again so I can get a sense of the difference 15 years make.

Unzipped led me to Isaac Mizrahi’s new website… which is full of these little segments called web-I-sodes which are a bit addictive. There are cooking bits, style bits, and these adorable bits where he answers viewer email. Isaac is a bit hyperactive and seems both sure and unsure but in this way which is totally endearing. Many laugh out loud moments.

On the subject of fashion designer documentaries, here are two very different ones I would like to see about the iconic designer Yves St Laurent.

Carolyn is away travelling so right now I occasionally dip my toe into the outline she has given me… for instance, here are Lucinda’s thoughts on New Labels.

The ultimate girlfriends trip to NYC. Much unlike my own solo sojourns, better pictures, more drinking and less fashion shows.

Fashion Verbatim gives us a list of what not to say. Best –

Couture/Couturier– We’ve bastardized it. Only use when referring to designs approved by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.

________-Chic – Used as a suffix. Also see: Eco-chic, Aviator-chic, and Sailor-chic. Especially obnoxious when applied to actual ecologists, aviators, and sailors.

I might add…

_____-ista. ____-aholic. _____-ster. None of these are real suffixes. Don’t tack them on to just any old word.

Original. If it really is original, you won’t need to say so. Also: Unique.

Sometimes really good stuff on the internet eludes you mysteriously for a long time. Gala Darling, Keri Smith, and Nubby Twiglet are three such wonderful characters with well established web presences. Odd that I was unaware of them, because they are all incredible artists who are into stuff that fascinates me too.

    From the comments…

    what did you think of the Elle show?

    Comment by sophie — April 29, 2008 @ 6:59 pm

    I only got to see a small portion of the Elle Show before New Labels, so I can’t really say for sure. Ali at Chick Advisor checked it out and recommended it.

    Toronto Star fashion editor retires, freelances: Mentions blogs, espouses old fashioned journalistic values

    Toronto Star fashion columnist now accepts freebie trips: Maria Sharapova wears featherweight pro sports watch by TAG Heuer

    Fashion blog karma time… thanks as always to all the incoming linkers, commenters, and readers! Newly notable…

    Tell Me KC

    Urban Updater

    Lady Marks a Lot (Leith from You Know You Love It returns!)

    Audit Your Closet – a fashion entrepreneur audits hers

    Urban Native Girl Stuff

    A Side Order of Style

    Still Better and Worse


    Le Procrastinator

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    7 thoughts on “can’t stop clicking”

    1. Now that I’ve read the rules for Fashion’s blogger contest, I might enter, too. You only have to post bi-monthly blogs, and the winner gets a swell trip to the Big Apple.

      I’ll just have to pretend that I have no idea who Auntie Fashion is, since Fashion is also affiliated with Fashion File and Canada’s most boring television personality, Adrian Mainella.

      Let me know if you try out!

    2. I agree with Auntie Fashion–sweetening the deal has now made it a real job, not just an internship. As much as I espouse the value of work for work’s sake (more than for money), putting a price on the “internship” makes it much more creditable, and less like FASHION is trying to crowdsource ideas for free.

    3. I’m still not into trying out because its all about shopping posts… I don’t shop, and therefore I am not good at shopping posts – and yes, I have tried. There are so many fashion bloggers in Toronto who do that stuff so well, I wouldn’t want to even try competing.

      Still, I think I’d love to see you go for it, Auntie Fashion, no matter what the identity you choose, I’ll vote for you.

    4. Hi Danielle,
      I just wanted to say thank you for posting about FASHION’s Reporter Search. The feedback we got from you and your readers was great for us – it helped us make the contest better! I know you said you weren’t going to enter, but I hope some of your readers do (especially those from outside of Toronto!).

      All the best,

      Jennifer Campbell
      Online editor

    5. i don’t know if you’ve seen
      seamless, another good documentary, also by Douglas Keeve (i believe is his name)
      same guy who did unzipped

    6. Jennifer – thanks for reading and responding. I was hesitant to recommend the competition before the changes, but now I’m glad that FASHION is putting value on good blogging, I think I know of some terrific Canadian bloggers who could contribute some terrific content to your site.

      Like Isabel! Let us know if you enter, sweet hipster =)

      Olya, I still haven’t seen Seamless but I’ve heard of it and I’m excited for it.

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