Vote for my Doc Martens

1914 boot by Danielle-Meder

Those who have known me for a long time know that I got my first Doc Martens when I was 16 (they were 1460 quads – the chunky sole is oh-so-1998) and I wore them out with a good five years of continuous, daily wear. My second pair is a pair of red 1914s.

Dr Martens has an annual “brief” where you can design your own boot and I had an idea that I couldn’t resist submitting. Its a 1914 style called “colour puddle jump“. You can design your own boot too, and if you like my design you can vote for it.

Thanks for your support! Show me your boot and I’ll vote for yours too.

UPDATE – I am currently 73rd out of eight thousand some as of May 23.  I need a couple hundred more votes to get onto the main page.  You can vote every 24 hours, so if you would like to help support my campaign, please vote for it again.  Thanks so much!

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9 thoughts on “Vote for my Doc Martens”

  1. I got my first Doc Marten boots in the 80s at a punky store in Santa Monica called NaNa. They had custom linings that were embossed with little skulls and crossbones.

  2. darling, do another design. i like the designers who did a few good ones. maybe get 2 in the top ten!?


  3. Thanks everyone for your support!


    I’m not a designer, so I’m just all out of (good) ideas right now. Am I not productive enough to earn your like?

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