this Saturday in the city

Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? Want to do some fun stuff with me?
fashion flash mob
FASHION Magazine is organizing a Fashion Flash Mob tomorrow at Dundas Square. Sounds like a quick hit of fun, I will be there along with many others, including Max. Why not come down and be part of the picture? Wear white, and strike a pose.

After that I will be ambling over to Kensington Market to hang out at the Yard Sale in front of Heart On Your Sleeve for a bit.

There will be Deadly Nightshades, hand-me-downs from all your stylish sisters, and baked goods. I am going to make some kind of cookie for it. Good times!

UPDATE – the Yard Sale is cancelled.

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3 thoughts on “this Saturday in the city”

  1. Hey Danielle,

    I got a copy of today’s Globe & Mail and there’s a big picture of you at the Flasmob on Saturday. I didn’t see you there. Thanks so much for coming out!


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