summer music

Rebekah at Stylist Stuff has tagged me to reveal my summer music picks. For me, Summer 2008 is all about Kylie!

Love fashion music? My readers and I assembled quite the list last year. Check it out here, and here.  Feel free to add your own favourites, and if you like post your favourite summer music on your own blog.

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5 thoughts on “summer music”

  1. Kylie is the best – Her ‘sweet music’ track is one of my favorite ‘gotta work out but really don’t want to’ songs.

  2. I love so much of Kylie’s work since the beginning. She has great outfits, great videos, catchy pop tunes, dancing, she’s a grown up kind of sexy and she has a sense of humour. Six stars out of five.

  3. for a moment i thought that was gwen stefani!!! kylie is just such a star. i’ve loved her since i was a little kid listening to her and jason donovan. yes, i can still sing all those songs. ahahahahahaahaha!!

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