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Busy here, seems like the short posts are all I can manage right now. I have all sorts of work to do that keeps me away from Final Fashion.

Rags and Mags is hopping back on track. How did Max’s audition go… what does Sandee have up her sleeve… will Lucinda overcome her television troubles? And who will find Lady Miss Angora? New to Rags and Mags? It is a tongue-in-cheek fashion fairy tale – start from the beginning, introduce yourself to the characters. If you enjoy it as much as we do, please subscribe.

The Clothing Show is back in September. They are looking for some eyecatching outfits to create a fashion show and are inviting designers to submit. If you’re looking to showcase your designs on a runway, contact Sarah for details.


The Making of Guerlain Homme … rawr!

Vogue Models a New Reality Series … casting calls on candid camera?

Handmade Portraits – Built by Wendy … she reminds me of some of some of the designers I know.

Antonio Lopez 1983 … his studio is amazing!

Mad Men … tight dresses, smoky rooms, crunchy literary references, great show.

Project Runway Season 5 – lots of characters this season… but after 6o designers, how many can be memorable?

Illustration Links…

Fashion-Incubator reviews books on drawing vector technicals.

The Association of Illustrators – a UK counterpart to the GAG in the US and CAPIC in Canada. All three advocate for the rights of illustrators and provide resources to help illustrators do business.

Illustration Mundo – where illustrators get all the love.

Pourquois Pas? – The Glamour issue is out!

That is all for a while… I hope to be back in another week or so with things to say and stuff to show. Thanks for reading!

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