FASHION Blogger Search ’08, my picks

The competition for FASHION’s shopping blogger positions is on, and is hotly contested in several regions. All of the entrants are lovely and fashionable so its a shame to have to pick between them, but as the blog-reading public it is our duty.

A few are so adorable that I vote for them every day, and you should too!


Finalist: Kimberley Jev
Blog Entry: Hot & Sweet…Fashion Treat
Region: Calgary
Current Status: Current vote for the finalist 40%

Why She’s Adorable: Kimberly watches every fashion week in Canada with genuine enthusiasm.



Finalist: Isabel Slone
Blog Entry: Hipster Gets a Day Job
Region: Ontario
Current Status:Current vote for the finalist 49%

Why She’s Adorable: Isabel is earnest enough to make you fall in love with the awkward age all over again.



Finalist: Connie Ng
Blog Entry: Odd Gems
Region: Toronto
Current Status: Current vote for the finalist 58%

Why She’s Adorable: Connie can figure out a way to resurrect any reject, no matter how unlikely the item.

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5 thoughts on “FASHION Blogger Search ’08, my picks”

  1. Hi, this is Connie from Toronto. Thank you so much for your cyber support 🙂

    I just recently discovered your blog and I love your contents and now I am reading to catch up but I am sad to read from your last post that you removed some archived content.

    -take care

  2. Oooh, glad you posted about this – I’ve been missing out on this because I’ve been out of town so it’s the perfect way for me to catch up!

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