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How overdue am I for a click post? It is going to be a long one.

Here are all the links and trinkets I have collected from the internet for the past few weeks. Peruse, try them on, surf away.

Fashion industry profiles…

Kelly Cutrone, profiled. Watch this woman and learn. She’s walking that fine line between fashion and fiction faster than anyone else.

Tyra Banks, profiled. Another woman well worth watching closely. Also finding opportunity between fashion and fiction.

Yves Saint Laurent, profiled by Cathy Horyn in 2000. An unsentimental and yet affectionate portrait of a fashion designer.

Some Canadian fashion links…

Summer Camp with W… what a fantasy land it is, full of gorgeous models, a few wet frocks, and designers we love looking adorable and awkward… including Toronto’s own Jeremy Laing. Lucky lot!

Could we be any more disenchanted with the online popularity contest? No? Then head on over to My It Things, sign up, and vote for my designer friend Adrienne’s line. The winning designer gets their show produced in New York City. From there its just a few short leaps to being surrounded by male models in W.

Gloss Magazine – a Canadian online fashion rag with an emphasis on Toronto. My friend Anita is one of the writers.

Vitamin T – a very nice Toronto site with a cool-girl appeal – recently featured Rags and Mags.

Dualité – a Montreal fashion blog with bite – see Dahlia tear into the Toronto Star.

Now, there is often good stuff in the Star, but their attitude to bloggers leaves a bit to be desired. Example? The Toronto Star is quoted satirical blog Food Court Lunch without attribution – manufacturing drama and implying bloggers are “cruel” with one copy+paste command.

Leah McLaren is producing a television show called Abroad. McLaren is one of those writers who seems to represent the opposite of everything I am – and I think perhaps it is the improbability of her problems that keeps me reading her column.

Paper-Doll is a Toronto website (formerly an online store) with a focus on independent Canadian designers. Alas, not frequently updated but with many lovely pictures and links.

Experiments in the Lab is by a fellow Canadian TFS’er and follows the thoughts of a curious mind exploring fashion.

Textstyles – from Toronto – a very sharp little street style blog.

Some illustration links…

Yes City Girl by Esme, discovered thanks to our shared love of Kylie. I love the MS Paint style and celebrity musings from a fellow Toronto doodler.

Speaking of my contemporary peers in Toronto, Kyra Kendall is a sweet fashion illustrator with an ornate vector style.

Up and Down Town is a story in naive, charming drawings of a stylish young mother. Don’t get it? Start at post #1. Yes the navigation is a pain but it is worth it. BONUS: check out the editor’s other blog, Retail Recovery. You will find what Rebecca calls “Riveting Questions”, all concerning matters of style.

Blue Logan does remarkable front row vignettes, some featuring Diane Pernet.

I met Tony Ochre at Red Eye. There were a number of talented illustrators there, many of them friends of The Deadly Nightshades.

Adorable GUSTER – an animated and stuffed video by the mad geniuses at the Monster Factory.

Marguerite Sauvage – a new favourite fashion illustrator!

Miss Dior Couture makes expressive tearsheet collages full of fashion inspiration.

NEET Magazine features some lovely illustrations, among other goodies.

The Extraordinary Pencil is about artist Marsha Robinett, who creates wonderful values and realism… with a pencil! I also love the musings on the business side of being an artist.

Origami Tesselations – amazing textures and patterns created with paper.

Random links…

Nirvana the Band! Oh the hilarity, I love this show.

Making a Scene – with Fritz Helder and the Phantoms, a take off on Ck One eh?

34 different ways to lace your shoes. Plus so much more from the wonderful world of shoelaces.

Next time you buy clothes, think of all these guys. Yep, I am one of those guys!

Fashion Blog Karma…

Kyutie (watch out, pink!)

Blossom Clothing (sweet vintage styles from the UK)

Juma (smart sibling design team)

Us & The City (SATC lives on in Toronto)

Shoes From Around the Globe (the title tells all)

Rue & Fae – (fashion student in Vancouver)

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5 thoughts on “multiple clicks”

  1. I find it shocking that Leah McLaren has a job at the Globe & Mail in the first place, so needless to say I was very shocked when I read your link that she is producing a television show?!?!?! I can’t stand her columns, which I too believe is the reason why I read them. I have this hope that she won’t annoy me as much as the last time, but she always does. Her writing is not smart or witty, it’s merely her complaining about some silly aspect of her life. I of course had to read her intent for the show, and she is quoted as saying the it will be “smarter and funnier than Sex and the City” !?!?! Wow – now that’s quite the statement!! I look forward to not watching.

  2. Sarah, you are hilarious. I agree entirely. I read Leah’s column because her life perspective is just so utterly pathetic. I always (half)finish wondering who at the globe is signing her pay cheques, are they reading her articles?

  3. Leah McLaren may be a different flavor of tea but she’s no fool – we’re all reading and I daresay I will be watching.

    I would also like to point out that McLaren is also aware of the space between the lines of fashion and fiction. She has the ability to rile people up. She writes prolifically.
    McLaren has a point of view, even if I don’t agree with it, and she entertains even if I can’t identify with her.

    She makes me enjoy getting all snippy at the style section. Not many writers can do that for me.

    Also, I can not help but appreciate the fact is that she’s got a column and a tv show and we don’t. Observe McLaren and learn!

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