here I am – hear ye

Yes I am still alive, just off working on other projects. Missing Final Fashion and Rags and Mags and all of you. Catching up on the internet after quite the week.

Here is some news…

I will be visiting New York City for fashion week again, September 5-10 with Fierce Bambi and Big Red of The Deadly Nightshades. New York readers, I want to see all of you when I come down, I will be setting up a New York brunch as always.  Of course I will also be attending as many events, shows, and fashion destinations as I can.

Are you living in NYC or visiting at the same time? Email me and lets meet up.

Here is an announcement – I have finally created a real portfolio website. Please take a look.

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4 thoughts on “here I am – hear ye”

  1. aww man, i’m such a nobody i never get invited to any shows! hahahahaha well, i have school so i can’t go anyway. but YES!!! new york brunch! that would be so amazing!

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