FASHION Reporter Search Winners

FASHION Reporter Search

FASHION Magazine has announced the winners of the Reporter Search.  Even though my favourites did not win, I checked out the posts and am very pleased by the quality of representation across the country.  I am especially pleased for Connie who is blogging in Toronto.

I would follow to these blogs and the other blogs on the FASHION website… if they published RSS feeds!  Without a way to subscribe, I can only catch up on these things when I happen to remember and have time… which is not often enough.  A little reminder when new posts come up, in my feed reader of choice, would be much appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “FASHION Reporter Search Winners”

  1. I’ve been checking these out too – although some of my faves didn’t win, some did, and all of them have been good so far. Although like you I don’t always remember about them.

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