Meeting Valerie Steele

Me and Valerie Steele

Valerie Steele came to Toronto again to launch her new book Gothic: Dark Glamour at ILORI.  I have met her twice before and had not been able to get over my fan-girl nerves.  I have read almost every one of her books while I was a fashion student and consider her one of my fashion heroes.  I have visited FIT to see her exhibits every time I have been in New York City.  I did see the Gothic exhibit in New York earlier this month (with Philip and Gilda) and was, as always, wonderfully impressed with her work.  In person she is enthusiastic, friendly and now that I have finally relaxed a little – easy to talk to.

I asked her what inspires her to select her next project.  She told me and Adeleine (who took this photograph and is also an incredible person to meet) that she tries to anticipate what fashion’s next focus will be.  While she was working on Dark Glamour, she attended this Dior Haute Couture show.  John Galliano’s designs struck so close to the themes she was exploring, she was hopping up and down in her seat.  In fashion there is no greater validation than seeing your instinct for what is next come down the runway.

What infectious joy for fashion her work inspires in me!  I look forward to seeing Valerie Steele’s upcoming exhibits, and seeing her in person again.

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