New York Sketchbook 1

Arrived in New York city after a 12 hour overnight bus ride.  I was a bit sweaty and crumpled but otherwise all right.  Rolled my new suitcase to my accommodations – I’m staying with lovely Joi of Stereoette again.  She has a new place and it is so nice!

After prettying up, I went off into the world.  I stopped at Bryant Park to pick up my accreditation and had a tense moment when I realized that my pass had fallen off the lanyard.  Unbelievably, I found it when I retraced my steps, just lying on the ground.  Weird!

After that I visited a showroom called Edite.  They were having an open house.  Diana, a new rep, took the time to show me all of their lines, which happened to include a client of mine, Your Slip is Showing.    What all of the lines shared in common – they are emerging designers, using daring and experimental techniques, and gorgeous bright colours and prints, and display a love of embellishment.

I did a drawing of Diana – she is wearing a bright blue dress by Verrieres et Sako.


While at Edite, I ran into Saneeta from Chic Inspector – who I sketched too.  She is someone I have the pleasure of bumping into at least once every time I come to fashion week in New York.  Saneeta is independent and curious, I asked her a bit about her fashion week experience.


For Saneeta (like myself), fashion week is really about the people.  In particular Chic Inspector likes to watch the people she admires doing their jobs – to see professionals in action whether they are media or designers, is a pretty incredible thing.

The show that Saneeta is looking forward to most is Jeremy Laing – and I’m with her on that one too!

After that, I stepped out and walked back to Bryant Park, just to see what I could see.  And I saw Gala Darling!  She was moving too fast to get a good sketch, but I said hi – she is just as sweet and cute as a cupcake, even after flying over half the globe.  I’m a fan.

I took a walk with some of my travel-mates, and then took a detour to Chinatown to check out Ex-Oh by Love Brigade – an invitation I got through Fashion-Incubator. Apparently the designer, Alyssa, and I are both grateful protoges of Kathleen Fasanalla.  However, the Ex Oh show was running late and I had to run too so I never got to see the clothes.

Instead I ran back to the tents to meet Cat of The Deadly Nightshades to see Venexiana – Cat’s first ever New York fashion show!  The dresses were too sweet for my tastes though the colours and prints were gorgeous.  Standing room only, so no sketches.  Many of the dresses had lots of detail at the waist – ruching, rosettes, wide belts and sashes that draped rather than cinched.

That was Friday.

Saturday, after a lovely solo breakfast at Cafe Henri, I went to see the Maticevski show.  It was offsite, in a very nice hotel lobby.  Despite being invited and having RSVPed, I was not on the list.  I was kept standing on Madison Avenue in the humidity wondering if I should go in or not.

I’m glad that I did.  Perhaps because of the weather and the location, there were many seats to choose from and I selected one in the front row.


The intimacy of the show was perfect for seeing the clothes and I sketched quite a few, softly, with pencil.  Up close, the dresses were incredibly ethereal – sheer, fine lace, perfect tucks in fluttering chiffons, delicate fabric wrought expertly into stained glass, petals, and butterfly wings.  It was fantastic, out of this world, and unabashedly sensual, with a soundtrack that felt both personal and emotional.

It started to rain in the afternoon so I came back to Joi’s to put together this post.  I may go out to see a Fashion Indie show tonight…

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