New York Sketchbook 3

Sunday morning I got up early to go see the Walter show.  Unfortunately for me, I wrote down the wrong address and missed out.  So I went back to Long Island City to meet up with Joi for Sunday brunch.

With a triple-checked itinerary, I made my wayback to Manhattan to meet up with one of my dedicated readers – Barry – to check out the Abi Ferrin show.  The designer comes from Texas and showed a series of shiny satin clubwear-type pieces mixed with jeans on considerably tanned models.  Not my cup of tea or Barry’s either, but I got a few good sketches out of it, including this one.

Abi Ferrin SS09

(Illustrator’s note: For the Maticevski show, I felt like I kind of ruined the original pencil sketches when I went in afterwards with ink.  Something about the moment captured in a few quick lines is so much more exciting to me than going over the originals again later – so the rest of the show sketches I’ve left in the raw, as they were at the moment the model walked by.)

After a nice lunch with Barry I went to the tents to stand in line for an hour and ten minutes to get my free limited-edition Havianas – flip flops.  Yes, I felt a bit silly but the edge was definitely taken off by the strong vodka cocktails we were downing thanks to the Blackberry booth.  Swag-ho-licious.

That evening, I went and had dinner with Truc, who works (and blogs) at Teen Vogue.  She was on her way to William Rast which had me a bit jealous – I’m a big fan of Justin Timberlake.  Then I went back to Joi’s to crash.

Monday, I got up early again – this time to go see Twinkle.  A friend from school – Joanna – is Wenlan’s design assistant so I got to sit with some friends from school.  It was, as always, really sweet – beehive hairdos, blue and black prints, and soft cropped pants with long rises.

Twinkle SS09

Afterwards I met up with Cat to sit in line for our gift bags – and John and Philip dropped by to hang out for a bit too.  We got captured twice – once by John:

Photograph by John Lee

He took a ton of amazing pictures this trip – check his portfolio at – John Lee is a talented photographer with a distinct, spontaneous style.

Illustration by Richard Haines

At the same time, John and Philip were being sketched by a man named Richard Haines who is doing sort of the same thing I’m doing right now – live sketching at the tents, and posting it on his blog, What I Saw Today.  He captured my friends really well.

Mercedes Benz Gift Bag in hand, Philip and I went to lunch at the Bryant Park Cafe on the rooftop terrace, overlooking the model entrance to the tents.  We saw Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson, Tim Blanks, The Sartorialist, and Caroline Herrera among the many people coming and going.  Fun people watching.

Then we went to meet Joanna, Rowena and Mary Helen – girls I went to school with who now work in the fashion industry in New York. The economy is being hard on the fashion biz though – in the last year, both Row and Mary Helen’s employers have gone out of business.

After ice cream in the park, we popped into Club Monaco for some shopping-on-speed.  Thanks to the good judgement of my friends, I walked out with a new jacket and a little black dress.

Running out of Club Monaco, I ran towards a dessert place to meet a potential client, Alexandra of Esculon Jewelry.  She’s just started a new blog on her own site as well as one on Savor the Success, a networking site for entrepreneurs.   We talked shop, blogging, and indulged in some really decadent chocolate desserts.

Full of chocolate, I went back to the tents to try standing in line for Ports 1961 with Philip.  It became pretty apparent that the standing room line was moving nowhere though, so we took our vodka cocktails outside and talked about the dire state of the economy over the complimentary copy of Fortune.  After that we went to a party for Nigel Barker at Bloomingdales in Soho.  There we didn’t see Barker or any photographs – it was pretty much just a party with free gin.  That was it for us – after a late dinner we called it a night.

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6 thoughts on “New York Sketchbook 3”

  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE Ports 1961. When I was at Satine and we started carrying their line, I used to leave the back office on stupid pretenses just to go gaze at that rack. MMMMM.

    [parties with free gin aren’t half bad, either.]

  2. I’m so glad I came across your fascinating blog. It’s great to see a Canadian talent’s work! I’m a Toronto fashion blogger and aspiring fashion writer and I’m definetly linking your blog as one of my faves. Cheers!

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