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L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto starts tomorrow!  I don’t have a client for coverage this week, so I won’t be attending officially this season.  Instead I am working through some other client projects in the studio, though I will be attending friends’ shows and putting in the occasional appearance for Rags and Mags.  I will post as many sketches as I can manage between obligations.

There are quite a few highlights happening this week that deserve a shoutouts – Toronto has a lot of tip top talent, happening scenes, and stylish folks celebrating “fabulous”… catch what you can.

NOW Magazine’s hero-maker, Andrew Sardone, anoints this season’s style crusaders.  From Brooklyn Brownstone to Tommy Ton to Christopher Sherman to The Deadly Nightshades, Andrew selects the ones worth tuning your radar to.

What afterparties are worth saving energy for?  After much email discussion three parties rose to the top as the most desireable – The TFI Party at The Drake Hotel on Monday night featuring DJ Gail, Evan Biddell’s afterparty at the Burroughs Building on Wednesday featuring Fritz Helder, and the LG Fashion Fusion party on Saturday at the tents featuring Maroon 5.  Good luck getting on those guest lists!

I only get to see a few shows – the ones I am looking forward most to include Zoran Dobric, Morales, and my friend Janet Hill‘s runway debut.

On Saturday, I am also looking forward to attending the Brunch and Post-Fashion Week Panel at The Drake Hotel, as well as the Holt Renfrew Canadian Designer Appearance on Saturday afternoon, where Jeremy Laing, Greta Constantine and others are on hand to preview their spring collections and answer questions.

Want to come to fashion week?  There is still one day left to enter and win tickets for Tuesday from Rags and Mags, or win tickets for Thursday from Final Fashion.  If you are coming to fashion week, keep an eye out for me – you won’t be the only one.

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3 thoughts on “fashion week functions”

  1. I do hope that I have time to sketch you as I promised, but I have a feeling that writing love poems about Andrew Sardone might take up too much of my time. I need to learn to multitask more efficiently.

  2. Auntie, I certainly understand why you would take the time to write a persuasive poem to Andrew – if its really good maybe you’ll be a Fashion Hero next season.

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