Indigo Planet

photo by Raymund Galsim

I had such an amazing time at Over The Rainbow on Saturday night.  So many people came by to visit and chat about Indigo Planet – that is right, it is a planet created out of old jeans – smocked, bleached, sanded and otherwise destroyed to create detail and texture.

I was also sketching with watercolour pencils all night – drawings of shoppers and staff on postcards.  Every sketch turned out great – it is such a rush when that happens.  Every subject loved their mini portraits.

Friends and family came by too, even readers like Andrea.  It was so nice to see everyone.  I am so grateful and happy to have had such an unusual, fun job.  Thanks again to Joel, Tatiana, and everyone else who helped make this project come together so beautifully!

Photographer Raymund Galsim dropped by and took some great pictures.   Here I am with some of the terrific Over The Rainbow team – Veronica, Daniel, (me) and Genia.

photo by Raymund Galsim

It was a bonne nuit!

BONUS:  Lots of close-up photos and more at the Over The Rainbow blog.

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