lipstick hat

Me at Susie's Hat PartyHere is a picture of me wearing a hat I created at Susie Love‘s Surrealist Hat Party.  It was named the Lipstick Hat and was made of a magazine advertisement and some seafoam tulle.  I had intended originally to make a subtle fascinator out of feathers, but somehow the exact opposite happened.  I never wear lipstick, so another party-goer kindly lent me hers to finish the look. How unexpected.

We all sat around Susie’s kitchen table and cut, glued, sewed, and created all sorts of hats.  What a wonderful idea for a party.  See all the pictures here – the hats are all adorable, whimsical, fun.  In particular, I must give a shout out to the very meta Hat Hat worn by Joel Garten.

After our hats were finished, we went gallery hopping and created quite the scene.

Susie now has her own website!  It is a pleasure to welcome her to the wonderful world of the internet – she’s already blogging and an Etsy store can’t be far behind.

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