L’Oreal Fashion Week – effin’ it up

L'Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009

After the circus that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, Toronto’s own L’Oreal Fashion Week is just as comfortable as flat shoes.  Sure, there aren’t as many shows and it isn’t as big a deal, but on the bright side, there aren’t as many shows and it isn’t such a big deal.  “Fabulous” is the word they picked, but I’ve been shortening it to Eff, in case you wondered.

Every year it really does get a bit better than before.  This year the tents are grander, the organization makes more sense, and best of all, the designers are stepping up their game and putting on shows worth talking about.  There is a palpable sense of excitement for this season – and it isn’t for the tents or the show producers or the politics – we have all been tracking the growth of our designers and we are just so hyped to see what they bring to the stage.

I’ve only seen a few shows so far but without a doubt it was Joeffer Caoc‘s “Nude” collection that has really resonated with me.  The collection exuded a sense of confidence and identity that was inspiring to watch.  I’ve seen a few of Caoc’s runway shows, but for the first time I felt like I understood the essence of his vision.

The successful shows are the ones that tapped into that sense of personality and vision in a designer.  After Evan Biddell‘s inevitable post-Project Runway Canada anticlimax last season, this year his collection was more personal and less bravado, and left an impression on the runway.

Others that hesitated in the name of wearability, or didn’t progress from the season before, left something to be desired.  I feel like it is a time to be brave as a creator, to aim high and act instinctively and I applaud the designers who are making L’Oreal Fashion Week an exciting place to be.


Ok enough preamble!  Here are the linky little tidbits I want you to check.

Philip Sparks is on the Forbes Magazine website!  Just a month ago Philip and I were sitting in Bryant park reading Forbes together.  This is what it feels like to know the next big thing first.  Cheers for Philip Sparks!

Contrasting online fashion week coverage, depending on your preferences.  Feeling cynical?  Read Sarah Nicole’s updates at the Torontoist.  Feeling cheerful?  Read Daniel Wilson’s updates on Toronto Street Fashion.

Rags and Mags selected a winner for the Dress Lucinda contest – Brook Alviano‘s designs adorn Lucinda on Day Two.  Don’t forget to get Lucinda’s inimitable point of view on Day One too.  Stand by for even more.  Also, there is a very special Rags and Mags giveaway happening in the tents for a very select group of individuals… lets just say it is a sticky one.

Auntie Fashion says she’s drawing me at fashion week but so far she won’t show it!  Also, I wasn’t naked so she must have been drawing someone else by mistake.

Professional pictures of the entire collections at L’Oreal Fashion Week are available with blogger-friendly terms thanks to Coutorture. I will be posting my favourites on the weekend.

Also, one newspaper fashion editor sums it up faster and finer than anyone else in the tents – Nathalie Atkinson gives LFW complete coverage on the Ampersand.

dj gail

Finally a picture of lovely DJ Gail from the TFI Party on Monday.  Air kisses until next time, I’m going out to Evan Biddell’s after party tonight and it is going to be Eff.

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