one click is never enough

Welcome to my irregular review of what I find worth a click on the internet.

Viktor & Rolf SS09 with Shalom Harlow

Take your front row seat at Viktor & Rolf… a lovely internet presentation of their Spring 09 line starring gorgeous Shalom Harlow.

Heads up Chicago and Indianapolis – Julian Roberts is on tour and coming to your lucky cities.  A day subtraction cutting with Julian will earn my envy… if you go please report back!

The Toronto Fashion Incubator newsletter for September/October is out – the editors have the inside story on what is going on in Toronto fashion and it is free.

Want to see more pictures of Indigo Planet?  Check out this massive recap post on the Inside Rainbow blog.

Having just spent 2 weeks doing it, I can assure you that destroying denim is not as easy as it looks.  I liked this photo essay on a denim detailing factory, found via Ironic Sans.

Fellow TFBB‘er and entrepreneur Patricia Sheng of Luxual has recently launched Luxual Boutique.  She offers luxurious, eco-friendly casual clothing – and Canadian customers get free shipping.

The original street style photographer, Bill Cunningham, has some wonderful photo essays on the New York Times website.  I love this one about the lengths ladies go for legs and high heels.

Tommy Ton brings us the best of the streets of Paris during fashion week, photographing what he loves best and posting it on Jak & Jil. He also recorded Susie Bubble‘s outfits for fashion week in Paris.  Lucky bloggers!

Seen The Selby yet?  Incredible studios and apartments and the people who live and create in them

Two videos peer over my shoulder while I’m sketching – and yes, I hold my pencil weird.  Check out Inside Fashion (3:23) and Chic Inspector on Youtube (0:30).

Sometimes I feel bad about being behind on so many posts.  I never run out of ideas, only time.  This post justifies slow bloggers like me.

Illustration Links:

  • Daisy de Villeneuve – one of the panelists who chose my Doc Martens and an incredible fashion illustrator too!
  • Gi Myao – another UK illustrator with a charming, naif-style.
  • Anna Goodson is an illustrator’s rep from Montreal with an impressive internet presence and an admirable roster.

Canadian Fashion Links:

Fashion Blog Karma:

  • Ali-bell – adorable Australian sewing blog
  • 69 Vintage – Toronto vintage boutique now blogs
  • JacquieShambles blogs fashion and art in Toronto, and looks cute doing it.
  • “le smoking” – pithy thoughts and pretty pictures from Rea
  • Doe Deere – I used to read Xenia’s old site Limecrime and loved the makeup tutorials – so happy to find her again!
  • Papergown – she sews and makes her own patterns.
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  1. i love ‘the selby.’
    but i’m writing because i just saw about your boot. omgd, all that damn clicking i did paid off. YAY!!! i asked them to email me when it’s available. that is so fantastic.

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