fashion life drawing


69 By the Pound (at 1234 Bloor Street West, downstairs) is now holding weekly fashion life drawing on Wednesday nights from 7-10. This is the brainwave of Irene Stickney – who in addition to being a Deadly Nightshade by night is weighing pounds of wacky vintage frocks by day.  Instead of naked models we get tipsy exhibitionists trying on the most outrageous garments they can find in the store.  This week’s model was Filipe who was a great model while still being hard to please – he didn’t like this sketch because I didn’t draw his jeans skinny enough.  Fair, I still think its an OK sketch for a weary Wednesday night.

Speaking of The Deadly Nightshades, everybody’s favourite fashion bike gang is now somebody’s favourite fashion bike gang to hate. That is right, the ladies in turquoise polyester have inspired their very own rival bike gang – The Friendly Lampshades.  If rivalry isn’t proof of notoriety I don’t know what is.

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3 thoughts on “fashion life drawing”

  1. The Friendly Lampshades – that’s kinda funny, but they don’t seem friendly at all, not like the DNS – now they are truly friendly.

  2. Friendly lampshades, what kind of name is this and I don’t think they are friendly at all but anyways thank you for sharing the blog with us all.

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