remembering Fashion sCares

Pastel SupernovaIt has been well over a week since Fashion sCares so by now you can see a lot of great recaps and photos all over the internet.  (Including Max and Lucinda‘s own takes on the evening.)

I enjoyed myself very much at the show – costumes this year were better than ever, macabre and dark and over the top.  I saw lots of inspiring things to illustrate but my energies went in other directions this week.

The one doodle that developed into something lovely is a sketch of Pastel Supernova from Fritz Helder and the Phantoms.  They opened the show and their costumes were so graphic and awesome they just screamed to be drawn.  They were styled by the very talented Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil.  They all had these amazing makeup jobs, swarovski crystals affixed to their heads giving them skull-faces.  Pastel in particular looked so cute in her paper-doll dress, knotty ponytail and pointy boots, and she always poses for maximum effect in pictures.

All of the performances and fashions were wonderful to watch.

For myself, I took the opportunity to dress up seriously and got a bit out of character – I’m usually very low-maintenance, so when I get myself up on high heels, contact lenses and hairspray, even my friends do double takes.

The costume was from my school days – my only avant garde piece.  I did bring along the spine and ribs, but it was too heavy to wear to party so I left it in coat check.  It is fun to be dressed up but I couldn’t wait to pop out the contacts and switch to flip-flops in the cab ride home.

I’m leaning back in the picture because Anita is poking me in the eye with her horned mask.  She asked me to make it for her based on this picture of Grace Jones, and I think for a improvisation the mask turned out very well.  Thanks so much to Gail for taking the picture and letting me use it. We had a great time!

Me and Anita at Fashion sCares

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5 thoughts on “remembering Fashion sCares”

  1. What did you think of the clothes? I was sort of left with the feeling that nothing was special. The Greta Constantine presentation was so ill-conceived. After the second dress, I didn’t even bother to look at the rest.

    I was going to blog about it, but I figured it would all be too bitchy.

  2. Diana – aw thanks! But seriously, I don’t think I can do that kind of effort that often. I’m a bluestocking at heart.

    Auntie – I was seated with the press in the far corner of the MTCC, plus I was wearing contact lenses which weren’t quite to my prescription, so my impressions of the clothes was… um… there were clothes. From the pictures I’ve seen online, some of them were very nice.

  3. so awesome 😉
    AND I saw the article in FASHION mag…and they quoted you in the fashion bytes article regarding internet blogging…which you probably already know 😛
    Pretty awesome
    Hope all is well

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