Strut Productions Inc.

Strut Productions Inc.

Toronto fashion designer and Project Runway Canada favourite Lucian Matis has been showing for three seasons now – and this season for the first time his distinct brand of hyper-feminine fashion is available across North America.  Besides Matis’ talent and charisma, this accomplishment is a credit to Strut Productions.

Compared to the many talented independent designers struggling on this continent, there are very few entrepreneurs handling the sales and promotions end of the problem, and Jaime and Sabrina at Strut saw the need in that niche.

Strut’s services include event coordination, marketing, public relations, sales representation, branding, identity services and graphic design.

Strut’s primary objective is to nurture and expand the fashion, arts and culture scene in Canada. We have forged trusted relationships in these industries of expertise both locally and internationally, assembling a network of media, industry professionals, designers, artists, models, stylists, buyers, and event partners. These relationships provide each client with a strong campaign, targeted to their specific niche market.

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Jaime and I share a mutual friend – talented photographer Caitlin Cronenberg – and we had the pleasure of meeting up during L’Oreal Fashion Week to talk shop.  We both share a similar type of client – North American fashion designers in their first few seasons – and we provide complimentary services.

So I am pleased to be a part of Strut Productions’ network.  This is new territory for me and I’m excited to be able to combine forces with Jaime and Sabrina and find new opportunities for our clients and eachother.

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7 thoughts on “Strut Productions Inc.”

  1. I just bumped into your article and I found it so refreshing.
    The fashion community needs to work hand in hand with professionals like you in order to expand and have a distinctive voice.
    I am a fashion photographer who collaborates very closely with Lucian Matis, a dear friend of mine. As an associate creative advisor in his team, I thoroughly enjoy the process from the creation of the collection to it’s presentation on the runway; from styling it to photographing it.
    It would be my pleasure to meet with you.

  2. This sounds so exciting! Congrats:) I have been telling the bloggers in Vancouver about how you have been attending Bryant Park and Toronto Fashion Week as media. Very impressive:) Great to hear from you and love reading about your new adventures !

  3. Hi Arline,

    Not sure if you got my email – we met briefly once at Lucian’s BBQ party. I’d love to meet you again anytime, feel free to get in touch!

    Thanks also Anthea and Kimleestar!

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