a million little clicks

Welcome to the click post, the irregular roundup of what I found worth clicking on the internet.  It has been a while so expect a long list… I’ve broken it down into categories to make it easier to find what interests you.

Canadian Fashion Links

Online Fashion & Style Links

  • I Like My Style – sort of an upmarket Wardrobe Remix – less thrifty more haute.
  • The Photography Link – gorgeous scans of fashion editorials.
  • Designer Blog Shop – vintage shopping combined with trend posts, from Vintage Couture but featuring more recent designer items.
  • You Know You Love It – Leith, the talented teenage fashion blogger who found notoriety and quit because of it is back – and its nice to read her trademark snark again.
  • Style Rookie – speaking of the awfully precocious, this style blogger can post circles around most of us and she’s 12 years old.  She claims that she even does the photos herself.  And I believe her.
  • Sea of Shoes – another lovely envy-provoking teenage fashion blogger with access to a closet that most of us can only dream of.
  • Advanced Style – thankfully, the under-20 set don’t have the monopoly on terrific style.  Check out the over-60 set.
  • Rise of the Machines – For those of us that miss Adrian Corsin (Fashion Verbatim just isn’t the same), he returns on Jak & Jil to preach the zenith of insider style without a trace of salt.
  • The Fashion List – promises to organize our busy fashion event calendars – so far seems a bit  NYC-centric and somehow glitches every time I try to sign up, but seems like a very useful service.

Illustration & Art Links

Fashion Blog Karma – link love for all my commenters, twitter followers, and incoming linkers!  Thank you all.

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  1. Re: Style Rookie. It’s sad when you discover that a 12-year old is more fashionable than you’ll ever be.

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