This macro-economic shift is registering some interesting changes in fashion and language that I think bear remarking upon.


Depressionista?  I Object! Finally someone speaks out over the rampant misuse of the so-called-suffix “ista” – this time used in the service of Wal-Mart, the “Hot New Store“.  The use of fear to incite a stampede of consumerism is a low point for fashion blogging.  Dare I coin the word PRopogandista?

I have been reading a lot of “Recessionista” posts that exhort people to purchase more cheap stuff, with nary a mention of the thriftiest of lost arts, mending.  Mend not Spend!  Extend your wardrobe for nothing.  The feeling of pride and satisfaction is far greater than the rush and regret of shopping.  Try it.


Speaking of words past their due date, NOW announces “The End of the Hipster” which provoked a lot of discussion on the internet, and presumably in real life, before everyone suddenly lost interest on Thursday afternoon.  There is a lot of distancing language being used by the Hipster Spokespersons in the article.  This is the kind of revulsion only the collapse of a recent fashion can inspire.  While I welcome the new post-ironic age, I’m already anticipating the Hipster Revival of 2010.  Also worth checking out is the fashion spread (dare I utter the word Hipsterista?).

Ok, I took the quiz to make sure, because I suspected I may in fact be a hipster.

Are you a HIPSTER?

My Result: You wish!
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like a hipster, act like a hipster and listen to hipster music. But you
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I think it was my proclivity for the East End of Toronto which did me in.  What’s your score?

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2 thoughts on “out-of-fashionster”

  1. when i lived in ottawa and would walk down bank street (which is like the hipster roaming ground there), i would sometimes hear people calling out to me in the following manner: “hey hipster, you are a hipster!”. hmm. i think the test said i was pseudo-hipster. my masters thesis was the socio-economic factors of hipster culture on pop culture using gramsci’s theory of hegemony and the frankfurt school. that was the proposal last year, now everyone (well since adbusters) is talking about hipster this and hipster that without REALLY studying it. i’m so over that thesis, it’s going to be the next biggest entry, like social networking was to grad schools last year, thank God I dropped out.

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