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If you check out the right sidebar => you’ll notice it extends down a long ways now with various feeds and links.  These are all other ways that you can connect with me on the internet if you wish, to see what I’m reading, or check out my illustrations.  If you are new to the site or follow via RSS, this is a guide to what is currently sidebar-worthy.

From the top:

Illustration Portfolio – This is where I showcase a selection of my fashion illustration work along with my contact information as a reference for clients or others who are interested in what I do.  I update it occasionally, about twice a month, with new items.

Rags and Mags – This is a “story blog” website I collaborate on with Carolyn RohalyRags and Mags affectionately sends up the fashion scene in Toronto, featuring two (fictional) characters.  Max is an up-and-coming designer and Lucinda is a established journalist, and their perspectives show the contrasts between two different sides of the fashion scene.  In addition to attending (real) events and showcasing the work of (real) Canadian designers, Max and Lucinda have various dramatic (imaginary) adventures.  If you are new to Rags and Mags, this is the perfect time to catch up with a little holiday reading.  Start at the beginning and click through to each consecutive post on the bottom right link.

My Dr. Martens Boot – this is the winning boot I designed for a Dr. Martens design contest.  It will be manufactured and sold in 2009 – click this link to get on the waiting list!

Search – You can search my site here.

Pages – These are a few links to my “about me” page (can never think of what to put there) as well as some links to random projects that are either from fashion school or don’t really fit onto my portfolio site.

Recent Comments – This is a list of the most recent comments on my posts – you can check out what people are discussing or which recent posts people find most interesting.

Flickr – This widget shows a selection from my Flickr photostream.  Among other things, you can see a broader portfolio of my work, press clippings, some photos of me and collections of images I find interesting or inspiring.  I’m still not great at tagging my photos (so feel free to tag if you wish) and I’m a bit slower to respond to my Flickr mail and comments, but I really appreciate all the views.

Subscribe – if you would like to receive Final Fashion updates in your email inbox, you can subscribe.

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My – This is my profile on the social bookmarking site, where I collect all the links that I find interesting.  Besides fashion, I also collect links about business, media, and food.  If you are also a user, please feel free to add me as a contact or suggest links.

My Shared Items – I recently changed RSS readers from Bloglines to Google Reader.  Among the features that prompted me to make the switch is “Shared Items“, which allows me to collect the posts I find most interesting from the blogs that I subscribe to and read regularly.  Want to be included among them?  Please publish an RSS feed for your blog!  Have suggestions for my new reader?  Share some items with me.  I’d love to learn what blogs you can’t wait for updates on, fashion related or otherwise.

Follow Me on Twitter – I was pretty slow on the adoption curve for this application, but I’m completely hooked now.  Twitter is hard to explain and takes a bit of dedication.  If you do it consistently it is a rewarding way to make connections.  This is where I post wee updates about my daily doings or discuss whatever comes up with my followees.  If you’re in Toronto or into fashion, please follow along.

Canadian Fashion Blogs – This is a list of some fashion blogs by Canadians that I am aware of.  It is by no means exhaustive.  I update it every few months.  I try to keep it limited to active blogs that post fairly regularly.  Feel free to suggest links for the blogroll, however as I try to keep the blogroll from being excessively long, please do not take it personally if your link is not on it.  There are far too many great blogs to list.

International Fashion Blogs – This is a list of a few international blogs that I read regularly, or have been influenced by.  It is even less exhaustive than the Canadian Fashion Blogs list, and is updated far less frequently.  Again, feel free to make suggestions but please understand I am not creating a directory here.  The blogroll is not something I like to spend a lot of time worrying about, it seems like a throwback to 2005 in a way.

Badges – These are a collection of websites that I visit regularly, am a member of, or support their mission somehow, but don’t fit into the narrow definition of a blogroll.

Independent Fashion Bloggers/

Technorati Profile – This is where you can see all the various blogs that link to Final Fashion.

Categories – this is my unwieldy list of categories, which I now realize are neither descriptive or useful and need a thorough rehaul.  Because this will mean going through my entire archives, this is a task that I will probably put off indefinitely.

Archives – an incomplete and edited list of my more recent archives.  For complete archives, check Wayback.

Meta – you can subscribe to my RSS feed or my comments feed here.

So there it is, my current sidebar.  I hope this post encourages some of you to click through and check out my various profiles, try a new application, read, follow, subscribe, comment, befriend, or whatever.

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