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Resolutions, plans, ambitions, goals, I have them.  Every year I write them down and sometimes they work (try one new recipe a week) and sometimes they don’t (get rich).  The difference that the ones that work have is that they are finite, measurable, pleasurable, and realistic.  It seems like I do really well with goals when they are tied to a schedule – I am an innately prompt person and abhor being late for things, the consequences to my conscience are so excruciating that breaking a deadline is not worth the pain.

In that spirit, all my resolutions this year, rather than being broad ambitions, are about creating a schedule and sticking to it.  I figure fostering discipline in my daily life will create its own rewards rather than focusing on the rewards without implementing the framework to accomplish them.  I have not worked to a schedule since 2007 so I expect it will be a challenge.

Besides administrative stuff related to my business, I have plans for Final Fashion.  Those readers who have commented (or just noticed) how infrequently I have been posting lately will be pleased.

My goal for 2009 is to deliver five posts a week of content relating to illustration, fashion, media, and life as a freelancer.  My inspiration is the amazing Nubby Twiglet – she’s a graphic designer whose blog is personal, creative, and consistent.  She has a full time job and freelances on the side – so she’s already way busier than I am – if she can pull off five posts a week, really, I have no excuse.

Something Nubby does that I love is she structures her posts into the framework of regular columns.  So to help me keep to schedule and make sure my content is consistent I am following her lead.  Introducing – my regular columns for 2009.

Final Fashion started as a place for me to share my odd theories about fashion and trends.  Every once in a while some kind of brainwave or prediction or idea will pop out of my head and I used to write them down on the blog, occasionally generating some interesting discussion in the comments.  Just a Thought will bring the blog back to its roots, allowing me to just lay it out there for people to argue with, discuss, or interpret.  They won’t all be deep and brilliant but it will give me a place to air out whatever is on my mind.  I think Monday is a good day for Just a Thought, it will give us the whole week to discredit or expand upon whatever the subject may be.

Click Click is the no-longer-irregular roundup of whatever I find worth looking at on the internet.  Usually it will be a collection of links relating to the core subjects of the blog – illustration, fashion, media, and entrepreneurship.  Click Click will now be posted every Tuesday.

Fashion Illustrated will be a post dedicated to an illustration I’ve done especially for Final Fashion.  This exercise is meant to encourage me to try new types of media and subjects that do not usually come up for client projects. Occasionally I may take a request from the comments.  Fashion Illustrated will be posted on Wednesday.

My life is full of amazing and inspiring people, whether they are clients, fashion bloggers, or other creative types, and I’d love to be able to share all of the interesting things that they do more often.  Thursday will be a day where I’ll publish a Karma post to feature the work of someone I know who I admire.

A Week’s Worth, posted on Friday, is meant to give you a glimpse into my life as a fashion illustrator and fashion blogger.  I will take a look back over what I did that week – projects I worked on, events I attended, whatever is going on.  I hope it will give me a chance to reflect on what was accomplished (or not) and encourage me to do things that are interesting enough to warrant posting about.  I may acquire a small digital camera for this purpose, though my photo skills to date leave much to be desired – I guess I’ll need the practice.

So that’s it!  It looks pretty ambitious now that I have laid it all out, but I believe it is possible and will be fun.  I may still occasionally pre-empt a column if I have a special post, but I intend to make at least five posts a week no matter what.  I hope you are looking forward to this too – I welcome all your comments and emails.  If you have a suggestion for content or a tip to make Final Fashion better, please speak up!

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15 thoughts on “2009 schedule”

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I’m the same as you; I cannot stand to be late to anything! 🙂
    I find that the structured blog posts not only help readers have an idea what to expect but also help your blog content stay focused and related. Good luck!!

  2. I think this is a great idea Danielle! For the Teen Vogue website, when I blog I find it so much easier to focus ever since I thought of some specific types of posts I would always write about (ie Fashion Crush, Designer Spotlight).

    I look forward to seeing these changes 🙂

  3. So looking forward to the new schedule! Thank you for being such an inspiration – 2009 is going to be a great year.

  4. I love the idea of client Karma Danielle! It’s a concept that’s obviously been around forever, but the term you’ve used is so perfect. Great post.

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