a week’s worth – 16-01-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a freelance fashion illustrator and blogger.

This week I did take a lot more pictures, but they all ended up being just as boring as my week was.  Toronto is in the midst of a “cold snap”, meaning temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius.  Street fashion is limited to parkas, boots and scarves and if it involves going outside for anything other than work, I just can’t seem to manage it.  On the left is me going to work in the freezing cold.  On the right is me goofing off at Adrienne‘s studio.

me, week 2 of 2009

For the rest of the time, I stayed in and patched my boyfriend’s work pants, worked on client projects, blogged and updated my portfolio, and made puddings.  Thus, I have nothing worthwhile to report this week.

patching pants

If my weeks persist in being this uneventful and my photographs continue to be this dull, I may have to replace this column with something else.  It really is silly to bore you all like this.

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “a week’s worth – 16-01-09”

  1. it will get better! and your pictures are not a bore! they are showing us the other side of you that we haven’t seen before!
    were you affected by the big black out?

    week has been good busy trying to get back into the routine of school and full time blogging!I love it! There are so many exciting things happening with calgary fashion, i’ll definitely keep you posted!

  2. No!!! We must here about the life. Lie if you need to, we won’t mind — just don’t stop telling us stories.

    I had two great interviews. One for a job with five(!) weeks vacation. And I finished some big knitting projects. And watched too much West Wing. While starting a new 120 hour knitting project.

    Question: How do freelancers take vacation? Do you have benefits through Ray? What about retirement? Freelancing seems risky…

  3. Kimleestar – nope I wasn’t affected by the blackout, I live in the east end of Toronto.

    Nadia – I don’t really take vacations. Sometimes work slows down and I’ll take a day off here or there. I guess the thing is I don’t have any separation between my life and my work, so even if I’m on “vacation”, I’m still always open to opportunity.

    Ray and I have both helped eachother through dry spells in the past but I support myself, pay for my own rent and food, and right now I’m actually helping him out. I get by by being very frugal and not taking expensive vacations =)

    What about retirement? I hope I’ll never need to retire. Someday I’d like to own my own small house and I am disciplined about saving and living lightly, so I’m not worried.

    Is freelancing risky? I suppose so, though right now I actually feel more secure than many people I know who have jobs who could be laid off tomorrow by outside forces beyond their control. My success is 100% up to me, and I’ll never be 100% unemployed. Its partly about persistence and patience and then there is just this wholehearted trust in what I do that serves me well. I might have a quiet week here and there, but ultimately there are always opportunities that just come along when the time is right.

    Elaine Elizabeth – its true. I suppose its worth telling you that I made a rice pudding with basil&almond and an apple tapioca pudding last week.

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