a week’s worth – 23-01-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

Me in the studio

Last Friday, for the first time in a long time, I had some time on my hands and nothing very pressing to do.  Surprisingly, for the self employed, this is a rare exception.

I savoured it without guilt by going up to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  After many years of frustrated thrifting experiences, I have finally figured out how to do it.  I don’t go looking for anything specific.  I walk slowly up and down every rack, touching the clothes.  When I pass something with good feeling fabric, I take a look.  If I like the colour and the style, I look at the size, and if the size looks likely, I try it on.  I find with this method, I rarely find something to buy.  But when I do find something to buy, it is a real find.

This time I found the top you see above.  It is a brand-new, never worn Club Monaco top in 100% cotton.  It perfectly fits with my black-button-down paradigm I’ve got going on these days.  I also found a lined Banana Republic grey wool herringbone skirt.  Thus, I can now dress like I dropped $200 bucks at the mall for a mere $10.  Lately I find myself collecting more and more “dressy” stuff to wear, I guess grown-up clothing feels more right these days.

Rani shows the options for the shoot

On Saturday, it was time for the Buy Design photo shoot.  I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I am on the creative committee for Buy Design, a fundraiser for Windfall.  I am doing some illustrations for it, and with far more resources than I usually have for a project!  Rani (who is an editor at FASHION Magazine) was one of the stylists, and here she is showing Samra (from Rouge Magazine) some of the awesome vintage 1960s stuff she got from Vintage Couture for the photoshoot.

Allison getting her makup done

Allison, our lovely model, got all done up as a space vixen by hairstylist Jen Miller and makeup artist Rebecca Perrin.  The shoot was co-ordinated by Odessa at the Complections Makeup School.  I’ve never been inside the school before, it is a really awesome space – lots of movie posters and prosthetic makeup all over the walls, and bright rooms full of mirrors and neat books about makeup.  The shoot went amazing (how could it not with so much talent putting it all together?), photographer Felix Wong took some beautiful shots.  Now I get to put it all together into an illustration… how?  You’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

Me at Osgoode Station

The rest of the week went pretty much as usual – some client stuff, keeping the studio clean, working on Buy Design, going to the library.  I did up a submission for the Montrose Portrait Gallery‘s winter show and dropped it off.  I took the subway up to Adrienne’s studio to work.  It is weird to be at Osgoode Station, as I often am.  Someone got shot there this week. Some people are crazy and dangerous, but they look like everyone else, just city people in black coats.

Patterns at Butikofer

Adrienne’s samples are looking excellent, this is my favourite Butikofer season so far, for sure.  It is a bit stressful trying to pull everything off in time, and it is surreal to think that in three weeks we will be in Las Vegas for Pool.  I have learned that Philip Sparks, the Juma siblings, and the girls from Strut will be there – so there will be a little Canadian contingent to hang out with, which is cool.  I also really want to meet new friends while I am down there, so if you’re in Vegas anytime between Feb 15-20, let me know.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “a week’s worth – 23-01-09”

  1. i love any post where you put up pictures of your workspace, i so envy it. its also neat to get a peek at your week! i’ll send you the email i promised you this weekend, and of course you can come for a non-fashion week related visit ;o)

  2. Seeing those patterns appropriately marked and labeled does warm my heart. Style no, check. Number to cut, check. Fabrication, check. Piece name, check. Only missing size (I imagine these are stock size and ungraded). Oak tag paper, bunny punched and properly hung. Notches too, yeah!

    ooh ooh ooh, I even see one pattern edge poking out, w/presumably interfacing piece outlined in red!

    …what else did you expect me to say?! 🙂

  3. fantastic top! good find and absolutely fantastic workspace…i am highly jealous…not going to lie.
    i wish i could feel as organized as you look!
    one day!!!

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