a week’s worth – 30-01-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

Last Friday after work I went to OCAD for the Whodunit? artist appreciation party.  It was really sweet!  Free drinks and dinner and cookies, and all of our artwork was projected on the wall with our names below it. I also got to see Kyra Kendall and Brett Despotovitch, who also submitted some art for the event.  It was fun to talk shop with other artists.

It was a cold, sunny Saturday, and I walked over the Don Valley bridge to meet illustrator Julia Breckenreid.
Don River & DVP
I have admired Julia’s work ever since Sarah Lazarovic showed me some of her pieces hanging in the Montrose Portrait Gallery, and I’m very grateful to Ron the Boy Reporter for introducing us at #hohoto.  I asked Julia lots of questions and she very kindly gave me some very generous answers.  When starting her career she said she asked a lot of questions too, and she put great emphasis on sharing your experiences.  I thought of her as I answered a few emails this week from young students who are interested in what I do.
Me and Julia Breckenreid

On Monday, I had a TV interview in my studio with Jennifer, a producer with Rogers Cable, about Buy Design.  I get a bit nervous about appearing on video so Tatiana at Faulhaber had to persuade me to do it, that is a good thing.  I think it went well and I’ll post a link when it gets released.

On Tuesday, I worked in Adrienne‘s studio, wrapping up the last of the samples.

On Wednesday night, it was the premiere of Project Runway Canada 2!  Of course I was super-excited and Carolyn and I went to watch the show with some of the participants and all their friends.  Carolyn interviewed Sarah Jay who did the styling for the series.
Carolyn interviews Sarah Jay

My fellow fashion school 06er Jessica Biffi made it through the episode – of course.  I think she’ll do great in the competition!  On the show she was just as caring and funny as she is in person.  She looked great at the premiere party.
Jessica Biffi

Three other competitors were there too, and I managed to paparazzi some pictures of two of them.  Camille (left) was the first eliminated and basically wins the prize as the fashion world’s greatest good sport.  Brandon (right) was also there, his expressions every bit as over the top in real life as they are in TV.  I think he’ll stick around on the show for a while, his confidence fills the room.
Camille and Brandon

On Wednesday, Carolyn and I had three events we wanted to check out, snowbanks were not going to stop us.  The first was the launch of the Daniel Thompson makeup line at Rosemarie Umetsu‘s studio.  Here is a picture of Daniel doing a demonstration on the lovely singer Patricia Zentilli.  Daniel was full of enthusiasm for his cosmetics, giving a rapid-fire monologue as he applied Patricia’s makeup.
Daniel Thompson and Patricia

I also got to meet Patricia’s collaborator, pianist Patti Loach.  They were both wearing stunning ivory and gold Rosemarie Umetsu dresses.  Patti also knows one of my mom’s former piano students, Adam Bishop, who is making a name for himself as an up-and-coming tenor.  Its such a small world!

After that, Carolyn and I wandered over to the Windsor Arms for a scotch tasting event hosted by the sparkling Mary Symons.  The fancy bar was quite full of Toronto’s best social set.  I love going to Mary’s events even though often I feel quite scrappy surrounded by so much fabulousity.  I got to say hi to my friends Linda Gaylard and Matthew Lyn, and I introduced myself to Ron Sexmith.

Shernett Swaby

After that, event number three!  The F-List is hosting a series of meet-and-greets to introduce the new collections of some of Toronto’s best fashion designers.  The first designer to get this treatment was Shernett Swaby, whose boutique is located in my neighborhood.  She designs these detail-intensive pieces that are always impeccably finished, and rather than following trends she has developed a recognizable signature style that has attracted a very sophisticated and dedicated clientele.  Shernett shared some of her own experiences building her own business from scratch which Carolyn will post in more detail on the TFI blog.

Three events in three hours on Wednesday night, and I was home before 10pm.  So much fun, I love it when that happens.

Thursday I went over to Adrienne‘s studio to go over the technical drawings for her line sheets.  We will be going to Pool in just about two weeks and Adrienne has a to-do list a mile long.  So no wonder she feels like this.
Adrienne January 29

She will totally pull it all together though, the level of productivity this designer has shown in the past month has been incredible.  All of her samples are back now and they look terrific, I can’t wait to see them all come together in the lookbook shoot.

How was your week?

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