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Fashion Blog Karma singles out a fellow fashion blogger for a little link love and a couple questions.

geekigirlWhen I was looking for someone to feature for my first karma post it was hard to decide; and I only had one day to throw it together.  The answer came to me with a little link love – Anita (aka geekigirl) at I want – I got just posted her year-end wrapup with a little shout out for me.  She’s done a lot of shout-outs for me (including my first ever blog interview at blogTO), and she commissioned a fashion figure, so its about time I sent a little bit of karma her way.

I think we met when I started the first Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch.  Our blogs couldn’t be more different and we’re pretty different too.  Anita is into shopping and sports and I’m not, at all.  Yet Anita is a Renaissance woman. She has also a great passion for blogging, gadgets and computers, science fiction, fashion and jewelry designers, models and photographers, art, and the fashion scene in Toronto. Over the course of many events attended we became fast fashion blog friends.

Things you should know about Anita.  She will tell you straight up what she thinks.  She doesn’t suffer fools.  She respects people who are gutsy and smart with their opinions.  Her very diverse group of friends are a testament to that.

Things you should know about I want – I got.  It is unabashedly consumerist.  Anita snaps up every coveted event invite and worthwhile sample she can get.  Even so, she is always candid with her opinions.  Anita is not a journalist and I want – I got is not her job.  She posts whatever she wants to.

What do you like about fashion blogging?

I like having a forum for talking about something I’m passionate about.  I also really love all the amazing opportunities that have come my way because of it.  It has opened a lot of doors and I expect that will continue into the future. I’m very lucky.

What are the top five blogs/sites that you check regularly?

Link consumption and AskMefi at Metafilter.
Oh no they didn’t for my pop culture fix.
The Toronto News sites – The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and National Post
The  Fashion Spot
My own site.  I end up spending a lot of time on it.

Why did you start your fashion blog?

It started as a way to record things that I liked on the Internet.  The concept was clear at the beginning with the “i wants” and “i gots” but the rest of it and audience developed with time.

What is the greatest misconception about fashion blogging?  The greatest challenge?  The greatest reward?

Greatest misconception is that fashion blogging is my job/career.  It’s more of a very involved hobby.

Greatest challenge is time management.  With a full time non-blog related career, there isn’t much time for the day to day planning and maintenance tasks on the blog.  Image management is a bitch too, but I’m learning more about tools to speed up the process. That’s why you don’t see novels on my site, it takes too long to write. I self host my blog and I’m the Site Administrator so I’m always upgrading, modifying, debugging or fixing something.  Finding material to talk about is the easy part.

Greatest reward is the people and places I’ve experienced as a direct result of fashion blogging.  For example, I think about hanging out with you in New York City in September for the Spring 2008 collections and it just blows my mind thinking that it actually happened.  Seeing Valentino in person was pretty damn cool too.  The man is a legend.  Those types of things are worth gold.

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9 thoughts on “fashion blog karma – geekigirl”

  1. Anita is one of my dear friends (just like you Danielle) and I won’t have met either of you were it not because of this “interweb” thing. Yay the WWW!!!!! 🙂

  2. Gail – so grateful that the internet brought us all together, your friendship is so dear to me too.

    Johanne – yes there will be more brunches, when I feel up for it. I think probably in March. Of course, you can always start your own brunch too!

  3. Yes, I just might! I’m thinking of launching an online fashion newsletter created by freelancers. Any idea who might want to contribute?
    – Johanne

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