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Frog Prince by StereoetteIt was the first time I was in New York City, to attend the Gen Art Competition show that Zoe from Verbal Croquis had entered (and won).  Zoe and I were standing in line to get in and for the first time ever, we got recognized on the street!  It was Joi from Stereoette!

It was pretty random to go somewhere and meet people on the street that I had met on the internet – and it was delightful.  It felt like we had all been friends for ages.  Joi even let me stay at her downtown apartment the next two times I came to NYC.  She’s generous, smart, ambitious and productive.  Thank goodness for the internet, I’m very grateful to have met her!

The craft area in her apartment is full of buttons and shards of glass and fabric and glue and beads.  Joi has great enthusiasm and prolific creativity.  She makes clothes and accessories and cute jewelry, some of which she makes available on her Etsy (including the frog prince on the right).  I asked her a few questions about craft blogging.

What do you like about craft/fashion blogging?

I think originally I liked the community of fashion and craft bloggers – it seemed there were a lot of us that met each other through our blogs, and I now count several of these bloggers as good friends. It has been nice to have an online community that you can turn to for advice or encouragement regarding designs!  Over the last few years, a few bloggers have slowed in posting (myself included) but a lot of new faces have shown up, doing some really inspiring stuff.  I’ve continued blogging to keep friends posted on what I’m up to, and to show off when I’ve made something cool ;o)

What are the top five blogs/sites that you check regularly?

Girls With Slingshots – not exactly a blog, but a daily updated cartoon. hilarious, and so well drawn!
Decor8 – I love Holly Becker’s interior design sensibility, she is totally knowledgeable, and her blog is humorous. What more can you ask?
Counterfeit Chic – Susan is totally my hero. I want to be her when I grow up! Only she can make trademark and anticounterfeiting issues so fashionable.
Flickr – Its just plain eyecandy, and a great way to keep up with fellow crafters and friends.
Etsy – Its where I sell my crafts, and I have to admit I am a wee bit compulsive about checking it. Also, when i’m bored, I like to hang out in the “Techniques and Materials” section of the forums, to trade tips and get ideas for new things to try out.

Why did you start your blog?

I’ve been blogging and/or making websites about my life for a long time (since 1996 or so, when I had a decently popular website on ska bands) and so when I decided to learn to sew a few years ago, I started a blog to catalog my efforts. Since then it has followed my adventure in entrepreneurship, also called Stereoette, and my crafting of all sorts of things.

What is the greatest challenge in craft blogging?  The greatest reward?

The biggest challenge for me is posting regularly. I have a pretty demanding day job and so frequently I turn to crafting to get away from working. At those times, blogging feels like an obligation, especially if I have nothing new or interesting to say. I’m hoping to increase the number of posts that are just photos of what i’m working on, to decrease the pressure on myself.

The biggest reward is when I make something that other people like, and they leave comments to that effect! Seriously, it makes me super excited to see people say “oh that’s cute!” or “I know someone who would love that.” It is also pretty exciting when someone sees something I’ve posted and buys it, but in all honesty, the postive comments make my day.

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