fashion illustrated – camo challenge

Every week, Fashion Illustrated features a drawing created especially for Final Fashion.
camo challenge
Okay, so it is easy to make BIG TALK about how the first PRC challenge didn’t turn out anything really interesting, so I thought I’d whip out the watercolour pencils and give it a shot myself.  Thankfully without the restrictions of having to make the thing, or gravity, or whatever.

I think on TV there needs to be big statements to make an impression on the screen.  I feel that the inverted triangle shows a lot of powerful emphasis (besides being a military motif in and of itself).  Also, I would have gone with something that didn’t require a lot of details to make its point given the tight deadline.

What would you have done with some camo in 2.5 hours?

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2 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – camo challenge”

  1. I would have voted for yours. Also, if I had the talent of Sunny Fong, I would have done really nicely tailored, crisp suit pants…just because I’ve never seen that done in camo, and I wonder if they would end up actually looking professional, you know?

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