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Not too long ago, the Word-of-Mouth marketing outfit Matchstick sent me a package of L’Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara.  Besides two tubes of the black stuff, there was a sweet little collection of makeup brushes and a nice set of gray eye shadows for making smokey eyes.

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes

I like mascara a lot.  I have long, curly eyelashes that are light in colour.  Black mascara gives my face an instant transformation, it makes me feel pretty and put-together. A lot of the best black mascaras (Maybelline Great Lash and my personal favourite, Clinique) have remained the same for years and don’t bear improvement.  Loyal ladies wouldn’t stand for it, and these mascaras hardly need a company like Matchstick to generate WOM for them.

On the other side, there is the quest for novelty in mascaras.  Very scientific *new* mascaras, promising longer, lusher, less clumpy lashes.  In my experience, they very rarely improve upon the classics.  The only exception I can think of is the $40 battery operated Ôscillation, which has turned bloggers like I want – I got and Bargainista into influencers under the influence.  Yes I am just a smidge envious that I didn’t merit that freebie, I sure can’t justify spending that much on mascara.

Beauty Tubes application was fine, it gave a thick “faux” sort of look that the double applicator mascaras always give.  Actually it promised “the look of salon lash extensions”, which Google tells me is a process where individual, synthetic eyelashes are painstakingly glued one by one onto your eyelashes.  On that claim, I believe this mascara delivered, though I have no experience with eyelash extensions for comparison.

The literature claimed that Beauty Tubes “remove[s] easily with just warm water”.  For me, this was not the case.  It took two washes to remove completely, and rather than smudging, the “tubes” came off in spidery little lines that almost looked like my own lashes were falling out.  The texture of the mascara could be described as latex-like, reminding me of the masking fluid I use for watercolours.  Anticipating the removal makes me hesitate to wear it again, but maybe I am doing it wrong.

It has taken me a while to compose a post about Beauty Tubes, because I really didn’t love the product.  Thanks to the good work of the people at Matchstick, there are lots of posts about this mascara all over the internet, many of them positive, but not all.  In this case I tried to be objective about my experience, to help you if you want to buy a mascara.  Personally, I would take a pass on the Beauty Tubes.  L’Oreal makes many quality mascaras, I would recommend the Telescopic, which I also received it a gift bag and have used many times with satisfaction.

Have you tried Beauty Tubes, do you think it delivered?  Do you have mascara loyalty or do you love mascara novelty?  Do online reviews of a product affect your purchase decisions?

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8 thoughts on “just a thought – mascara”

  1. I am very specific in my mascara needs — I swim pretty much daily, and don’t leave the house without mascara!

    So if someone were to blog about an awesome waterproof mascara, I’d be willing to give it a try, but my current fave is L’Oreal Panoramic Curl in black.

  2. My current favorite is L’Oreal Voluminous, I rarely veer away from that mascara. Online reviews definitely affect my cosmetic purchases – check out makeupalley.com. I’ve wasted so much money on cosmetics, I never buy anything without checking there first.

  3. I agree that, when it comes to mascara, there’s nothing better, aside from a good 8 hour of sleep, to feel wide eyed and awake! The ONE I’ve stayed true to, since high school, is Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara, but more precisely, the waterproof version. Strangely, the non-waterproof version, with the cute green cap, doesn’t work the same way on my lashes. I say this because I have naturally poker straight eyelashes, and that last one, even after using an eyelash curler, only makes them straight again! So, yes, so far, it’s the waterproof Great Lash for me. On that note, I’ve recently discovered an interesting, and potentially rewarding, little gadget while browsing the pages of a magazine: Spinlash mascara ($15)! It’s battery operated and it is said to work with your own favorite mascara. I have yet to try it. Now if my lashes can stay curled up AND be thick, I wouldn’t have to look any further. 🙂

  4. I know that you just said that you love mascara, Danielle, but you might want to check out the Environmental Working Group’s cosmeticsdatabase.com.
    The DoubleExtend is here
    and Telescopic is here.
    Both are moderate hazards according to the ingredients in them (cancer, allergies, irritations)… mascara’s not good for you! But it’s hard to say if anyone has suffered eye problems from mascaras – you just might want to consider saving them for special occasions and not daily use.

  5. I have no complaints about the product. I also found it VERY easy to take off, as it comes off completely in solid form! I reviewed it on Canadian Beauty too and it will be published shortly.

  6. I experienced the same effect….looked like my lashes were falling off…not very appealing..I liked the effect however, its a little too “high-maintenance” for me

  7. One of my favourite mascaras that i think everyone should try out is the MAC zoom lash. Similar to you, Danielle, I love mascara and have blonde long eye lashes. When you get a chance you should try it out!

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