Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 1 Redux

I watched this episode at O’Grady’s with Carolyn and four of the designers  – Jessica, Jeff, Brandon and Camille – and all their friends.  I’ll post photos later this week, it was pretty exciting to be in the same room with some of the people seeing themselves on the show for the first time!

Project Runway Canada 2

How was the episode?  My reactions under the fold.

How disappointing to see two designers drop out before the first elimination!  I felt really bad for Jaclyn and Danio, what a shame.  Frankly, I am also kind of bummed they made it through casting only to quit, taking the places of so many other more competitive designers who could have made for a more exciting episode.

Too bad Brian Bailey was reduced to the role of an unenthusiastic therapist, because the designers who hacked through the first challenge really could have used the encouragement to create something cool.  Perhaps it is asking too much when the challenge is to work camo print into a dress in 2.5 hours, but almost of all the designs were safe and dull.

Standouts:  Jason‘s “gimmick” transformer gown was memorable and Sunny‘s tailored jacket was an admirable feat of skill.  Adejoke‘s winning garment had some interesting features (a wavy placket closure), she deserves praise for taking her designs a step further than the rest even if the details tried a little bit hard, at least she gave the effort.  Hopefully that will encourage the rest of them to step it up!  IMO,   Margarita‘s design was so featureless she shouldn’t have been given a pass for being safe.

It was sad to see Camille go for a design that was a little bit weird, weird is better than boring.  I have to give it up to Camille.  She is so full of positivity and grace, it was a pleasure to see her with all her friends at O’Grady’s, reacting to her early elimination with humour and charm.

Its great to see Iman back and in fine form on the judging panel.  She is so much more comfortable in her role this season and really is a terrific host.

The beginning of the competition is always a bit dull, it gets more exciting as we get to know the designers.  Did you watch the show?  What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Project Runway Canada 2 – Episode 1 Redux”

  1. the show was alright. i was a bit disappointed with the whole two designers leaving fiasco because a model i was representing at the time had to be switched designers at the last minute (she was with Adejoké) when those two dropped. She ended up never being on the show altogether because of this mishap. i was really proud to see my girl Ramata blow everyone out of the water with her great runway skills though!

  2. Just saw it! (No TV around these parts…) Yeah, that was a lot of drama with so many people going. Like you say though, a rocky start doesn’t mean anything. I’m still a-watchin’.

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