a week’s worth – 06-02-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

I spent Sunday afternoon with Rebecca, a reader and blogger at The Subadult Years.  I had asked on the blog if anyone wanted to check out Fashion No-no with me and she not only volunteered for that, she also shared a very tasty complimentary lunch at the Holt Renfrew Cafe.  Thank you Rebecca!
sunday with the subadult years
I had the tuna sandwich (below).  We had a great waiter and everything he suggested was very yummy.  The picture of Rebecca shows her seated on United We Stand, one of the exhibitions at Harbourfront.  Fashion No-no was well worth seeing for the price of admission (free) – and I especially enjoyed the work of Dorkenwald — Spitzer which simply and effectively gave a feeling of being on a warm beach with a hot pot of coffee, and the very technological wearables by Joanna Berzowska.
tuna sandwich

On Wednesday I had Korean food with The Grumpy Owl and his new girlfriend (who declined to be photographed).  It was, everyone agreed, nice.  Ryan was wearing his foxskin scarf which I encouraged him to buy at the Ex last summer.
the grumpy owl

I was disappointed to miss the Interior Design Show Opening Gala on Thursday because I was too busy working on Adrienne‘s line sheets for Pool.  But Carolyn and I are going to check out the exhibitors tomorrow so I’ll still be able to report it on next week’s worth.

me & toronto in week 5
The weather has been all over the place this week.  First it was very snowy.  Then it was nice and sunny.  Then it was very cold.  I went for a walk through the financial district today and it was back to nice and sunny again.  I took the good weather as an opportunity to walk back via Queen Street West.  Its just two weeks before spring stuff gets delivered to stores, so right now there are some amazing deals to be had.  Check out Pho Pa if you’re down there, Alexia has everything at 50% off, including some of our favourite designers.

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “a week’s worth – 06-02-09”

  1. If you are wandering about IDS you could stop and see my friend Alicia’s booth! http://www.chromalab.net Good people with good furniture, yippee. We got rain in southern California so everyone is glued to their couches in fear, not sure how to function in it.

  2. i saw posters around my hood for that Fashion No No and was quite curious. i’ll be sure to make more regular visits to final fashion from now on so i know when you’re checking out cool stuff in the city!!
    xxx jacquie

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