a week’s worth – 13-02-09

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

On Saturday I attended the Interior Design Show.  While this time none of my photos turned out, you can check out some amazing shots by Paul Baik at I want – I got, and read some of my thoughts inspired by the blogging panel here.

On Tuesday, we had another Creative Committee meeting for Buy Design at Philip Sparks‘ studio.  We checked out the progress on the visuals (including my illustrations), planned a Twitter contest to create buzz (follow Buybarella to win tickets), and made plans for “spacetacular” decor.

Buy Design creative meeting
Tatiana and Amy from Faulhaber, Odessa from Complections, and Philip Sparks.

Besides committee business, we waxed philosophical on the dire state of the economy, and got a sneak peek at Philip’s Fall 09 line… but more on that next week.

me and Sarah Cassellman at The Gap

On Wednesday I went to The Gap for a fun party hosted by FASHION Magazine.  On the left is me in my makeup by the Sephora artists who were giving touchups in the store.  On the right is FASHION Market Editor Sarah Casselman with a model presenting the new spring collection for The Gap.

Olga and Anita at The Gap

There were lots of friends there, including Olga from She Does the City and Anita from I want – I got.  It was cool to get a chance to talk with Jennifer Campbell and all the lovely ladies from FASHION.  Of all the fashion magazines based in Toronto, they have the best web presence and are genuinely friendly to fashion bloggers.  We love FASHION!

me and Evey and the tufted quilt

On Thursday, I took the GO train up to Barrie to visit my brother’s family.  My baby neice Evey is almost one year old (already!?) and obviously is the cutest girl on Earth.  After we put her to bed I helped my sister-in-law add tufts to a recycled fabric quilt she is working on.

beads at La Perlerie

As soon as I got back to Toronto this morning, I took the Bloor Subway out to visit La Perlerie.  This is an adorable bead shop and jewelry store.  They just opened a studio space in the back for teaching glass bead making.

Susan and Nadia
Owner and jewelry designer Susan Nagy with flameworking instructor and bead designer Nadia Tasci.

Today a television crew was coming into the store, and they invited me to come in and show the crew that even a beginner can learn to make glass beads in just a couple hours.  Of course I jumped at the chance to learn something new!  Nadia taught me and Mark (below) how to melt glass and form beads, and even create different designs on the beads.

Mark flameworking

We caught the hang of it surprisingly quickly and enjoyed combining different colours and forming different shapes of beads.  It takes a bit of concentration and co-ordination, and it is a lot of fun.  These are what the beads will look like when they are done (though mine are not quite as neat as these ones).

flamework beads

La Perlerie is having a special Family Day sale on Monday, plus they are offering a deal for people who sign up for a flameworking class on that day.  Go west and meet some very creative, generous, ambitious women!  Susan and I will be collaborating on an event very soon… I am looking forward to it.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “a week’s worth – 13-02-09”

  1. oh i spy philip!

    how’s everything? i’ve been so busy i’ve neglected this online world of blogs for a little while, my own included.

    i’ve been busy with school and also trying to get my brand started. it’s hard you know! i don’t know what i’m doing half the time. i guess you really have to learn as you go. hopefully things will get rolling by summer and i can concentrate fully on it. when that happens, comments and criticisms esp from the likes of you will be gladly welcomed. 😀 take care!

  2. i desperately want to learn to make glass beads!! augh, im so jealous!

    i popped by to say that i pretty much ignored ny fashion week (its no fun without you!) but that i’m excited to hear how vegas went…

  3. Gilda – things are good and busy too! We’ve missed you here in fashblogland. Would love to see what you are working on. Is this your last year at Parsons?

    Joi – you should come up to Toronto and take a class! You can stay on my couch =D

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